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 The Doomstone Awards Results 2011

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: The Doomstone Awards Results 2011   Wed 16 Mar - 17:24:28

The award for most pathetic weapon use
Mitchell Getz for stupidly attempting to use his heavy crossbow at point blank range

The award for best Cheating.
Digger Tracey for using transparent dice

Best driving
Snorri for completely exasperating everybody

Best excuse
Andilwei with ‘Hey all these trees look alike it’s not my fault we’re lost’

Best Death scene
Captain Scar squashed flat by 15 tonnes of doomstone generated rock

Best Last words
The Roostmaster with: ‘Don’t worry brethren, remember the prophecy.’

Most stupid behaviour
Carstein falling down the monastery well

Best performance in a killing capacity
Andilwei for killing Werner the illusionist with a couple of well placed arrows

Best Use of Magic
Oakshadow for saving all our necks with her fell necromancy during the siege.

Best Use of plagiarism in a character name
John Smith

Best at running away when the going gets tough
The entire party when the orcs attacked just after the assassination of the prince

Most devious
Oakshadow for everything she does and doesn’t do

Best performance by someone very short
Snorri for extreme stuntyness.

Most Gullible
The entire party for trusting Flintbrow

Climb like a monkey award
For falling twice and nearly breaking his neck twice descending Karak Zulfor: Digger

Most embarrassing moment
The moment Carstein accidentally removed the party’s clothes in Yarazan’s tomb

Most Callous Killing Spree
Snorri for throwing the goblin sent to parley from the monastery roof.

Best kept secret award
Carstein for instantly showing off his doomstone to Oakshadow after her rescue

The Most Obviously Fake Cover Story Award
Oakshadow, sorry Cyrilliac
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The Doomstone Awards Results 2011
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