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 An Uneasy Visitation

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: An Uneasy Visitation   Wed 16 Mar - 17:20:11

An Uneasy Visitation

OK so getting Snorri to do the talking, was, on reflection, a mistake. At one point he very nearly became coherent. Very nearly. Turned out that our crossbow wielding friends were not the expected chaos dwarves but your usual common or garden height restricted beard breeding machines.

Snorri conversed in fluent gibberish in response to their Khazalid quizzing and apparently identified me as his slave. Next thing we are disarmed and led inside through the halls of Kazad Gravening to meet with some high up types if that’s not an oxymoron where dwarves are concerned.

Meanwhile my attempts to engage our hairy hosts in friendly conversation invariably seem to result in a traditional dwarven gesture of hospitality hitherto unknown in my experience: either a sharp blow to the solar plexus, or if an especially tall specimen happened to be available, a blow on the head. Charming.

Snorri managed to gather some respect when the dwarves recognised his hammer and seemed to believe his highly inflated tales of his honourable acquisition of the said weapon. They even returned it to his custody.

Once he managed to persuade them that I was not actually a slave I was allowed to make a few comments intended to keep us on the right side of things and perhaps even still breathing. I have to say I did remark on the recent deterioration in standards of dwarven hospitality though I bit back most of my comments which if deployed would probably have seen my body ending its days as an axe sharpening device.

Our joint efforts did establish that these dwarves were visitors themselves, seeking a lost crown that would lend their cause legitimacy in a dispute between dwarf clans. We warned them of the Bloodaxe alliance and the presence of chaos dwarves (One much closer than they may have imagined!) but they seemed more concerned that we were spies from the rival clan.

A name check for Yarazan also seemed to score Brownie points and they were reassured we were not agents of their dastardly enemies to the extent that we were invited to bring our comrades into the hold provided we did not interfere with their mining operation and we were unarmed*. Whether they believed our story which included a warning about the hordes of chaos searching for a great weapon that was possibly associated with the crown they sought, is another matter.

*Except unbelievably the total destruction package that is Snorri

The dwarf leader seemed to have a coupe of rival Rune priest advisors, one a total sycophant, and one could not help but thing of other worm tongued advisors of yore. This in turn reminded us of the last group of apparent yes men who had attended the doomed prince before assassinating him. A modest wager on the advisor being a chaos dwarf would probably provide a handsome return; unfortunately I could find no one who would give me odds.

Returning to the others we agreed to return on the conditions set by the dwarf crown seekers and then discovered in a moment of terror that the doomstones were missing from their box. Turned out though that they had migrated magically back into the possession of their owners, obviously homing stones. We also agreed to refer to them whilst amongst the dwarves with the dubious code name ‘lollipop.’

Returning the dwarves searched us but let the doomstones pass through without comment and the elf also managed to sneak in a throwing knife. One dwarf got slightly singed disarming Getz. Making our way into the hold we found quarters with the main dwarf force and noted a proclamation indicating that a number of the Hold’s traps were operational again. We also discovered that a few orc squatters had been dealt with by the dwarves on their arrival.

So we are now in the midst of a ‘friendly’ force whose tolerance of us may evaporate very quickly if:

a) They ever think to do a quick limb count on Snorri
b) They realise Cyrilliac’s true nature
c) They run out of reasons to put up with a couple of elves in their midst
d) They discover the enormously powerful chaos artefacts we possess
e) They realise that we may need to take damage or even destroy the very crown they seek
f) They find the bodies of the dwarves that beat me when we first entered*
g) We get stitched up by the chaos dwarf rune priest as we try to unmask him
h) They get fed up with my jokes**

*They aren’t actually dead yet but I could easily be persuaded to engineer and unfortunate mining accident for them
** Not as unlikely as you might think, some races have no sense of humour
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An Uneasy Visitation
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