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 Travelling South

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PostSubject: Travelling South   Sun 6 Mar - 21:34:05

We were extremely knackered and in no shape to do anything, apart that is from the friendly neighbourhood dark elf and Snorri, fresh from his single handed crushing of all remaining resistance. He actually put his healing powers to good use, though as usual when it came to healing me he was at his least effective.

The dark elf flew down to the body of everybody’s second favourite chaos dwarf, and she recovered various scraps of parchment and tomes looted from the library….and who knows what else she chose not to tell us of…

As the party regained strength our airy friend flew Andilwei down the mountainside as he was taking the longest time to recover, including a longer period of blindness than had afflicted the others. They returned to Dr Quackers and the ladies, leaving us to make the arduous climb down. As usual I managed to fall a couple of times on the descent, but hey, no harm done other than a few minor fractures.

The paperwork recovered by the dark elf did at least confirm the position of Karak Gravening, a couple of weeks South East of us. We set out, Getz continuing his gentle crisping up as his doomstone continued to char his soul, Snorri, his earthy smell announcing his approach from a distance that seemed to extend another few yards every day.

But this was as nothing compared to Oakshadow who seemed to have grown even paler, even when the doomstones were locked away securely on the cart, she seemed sicker and eventually agreed to take up the party’s suggestion of a thorough bathing to expunge any trace of warpstone.

This seemed to have an even worse effect on her, and aside from a seriously spooky moment when her face seemed to dissolve leaving just a grinning skull, she continued to suffer torment in the night, dreams that centred for the moment on howling wolves, which we began to hear increasingly in the real world night too.

After some days travel whilst scouting with my new best friend the elf, we made a disturbing discovery and reached a frightening conclusion. Illusion concealed wolf tracks pointed inescapably at the fact that we were being trailed by Werner, the werewolf illusionist and nemesis of Oakshadow.

We held a council of war and the elf came up with a plan: We would set a trap/ ambush, the elf and dwarf forming an unholy alliance with the aim of staking out our campsite. The party would set off as usual in the morning, if the absence of a couple of members was noticed it would we hoped, be assumed that they had left early to scout ahead.

Our dynamic duo would kill Werner when he searched the camp, lured there by a magic crystal which would entice him into a snare set by the elf. Preparations were made, and we readied ourselves for the morning to deal with the thorn in our side.*

*Although any enemy of Oakshadows…

It didn’t quite work out though, as Werner arrived during the night amidst a pack of wolves. His voice floated through the night air, inviting on Cyrillia to join him. Hmmm. I can’t imagine who he could have meant.*

*Surprise surprise Cyrillia

A zone of darkness descended upon the party, covering the majority of us apart from Andilwei, already in position up his ambush tree. Werner did make a tiny error in his casting however, inadvertently summoning a hostile chaos imp which was to prove his undoing.

Apart from the obvious difficulty this caused the illusionist, it also had the unfortunate and ultimately fatal side effect of identifying to our elf bowman which of the dozen wolves was actually our foe. He then neatly and precisely placed a couple of arrows through Werner’s all too fragile skull, killing him instantly. This caused all the wolves to remember important appointments elsewhere and flee.*

*And led to a great deal of GM teeth gnashing.

The imp meanwhile flew up to attack the elf in the tree and a struggle took place leading to the imp’s demise. With the darkness dispelled we were left with the body of the Illusionist to pick over, but he proved to have been travelling light, probably because of his habit of turning into a wolf at awkward moments.

Having avoided the perils of lycanthropy and being torn to pieces we were feeling pretty impressed with ourselves, though Oakshadow or Cyrilliac as many of us now regarded her, still appeared troubled to say the least.*

*Jokes deployed at this juncture included ‘If you could just get a lot of black and white dogs we could call you Cyrilliac De Ville’ ‘Hey where are your ugly sisters?’ ‘What do you do when you’re not inventing alphabets’ and ‘With a nose like that they should call you Cyrilliac De Bergerac’

We continued onward for some more days with Karak Gravening drawing ever closer. At last we approached, spotted and were spotted by an unexpected welcoming committee: Four dwarves armed with crossbows, and an awfully long distance to go before we could get to the safety of point blank range.

I was elected to approach with Snorri on the theory that
a) Hopefully they won’t shoot a dwarf
b) Hopefully if they are chaos dwarves they won’t shoot a chaos dwarf
c) If they aren’t chaos dwarves hopefully they won’t notice Snorri is a chaos dwarf
d) I am expendable
Just another normal couple of weeks at the office then.

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Travelling South
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