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 Yet another Enemy Within

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PostSubject: Yet another Enemy Within   Tue 22 Feb - 18:14:29

(Yet Another) Enemy Within

Well we all spent some time searching in the library of scrolls, Flintbrow gathering useful intelligence.* Meanwhile, unknown to us, the dark elf was continuing her search of the upper level and she found herself in trouble quite quickly. A mutant snotling gave her a short sharp shock and forced her to withdraw ignominiously. She had however succeeded in finding a great deal of powdered warpstone, which she thoughtfully collected; after all, you can never have enough warpstone…

*His efforts to gather intelligence from us up to now had been notable only for their complete lack of success

Flushed with success and suffering increasingly from the baleful effects of so much chaos essence, she capped her reconnaissance by throwing herself into the tentacled embrace of a chaos degraded orc, from which she barely escaped with her life.*

*And failed to escape with her dignity

Flintbrow had managed to discover information that should direct us to the last doomstone and now he and the rest of us lesser mortals ascended to the upper level and entered the same oppressive zone of chaos. Here events took an unexpected turn: Snorri collapsed screaming, spreading confusion amongst the party, trapped in the confines of the narrow chaos drenched corridor that led to the warpstone infested chambers from where the dark elf unexpectedly emerged.

It was an emotional reunion; naturally we were all delighted to be reunited with our favourite dark elf who so recently had left her pet wight to tear us all to pieces. We were slightly distracted by Snorri’s somewhat unexpected transformation into a six limbed dwarf sprouting as he had a pair of extra arms. This though paled into insignificance as Flintbrow now appeared to be sporting the lower body of a faun, complete with cloven hooves.

He now began lecturing us on the joys of chaos and it was at once clear to us that our companion was a chaos dwarf. Snorri, who to untrained eye now appeared to be a chaos dwarf too, shrugged off his new appendages and decided to try them out attacking Flintbrow, and they fell wrestling to the floor. During the fight to add insult to injury Harvey tried to bite me as I tried to assist Getz and Snorri subdue the dwarf, who with some effort was disarmed and bound.

Concerned to put some distance between ourselves and the pervasive pulsing of chaos energies, we decided to withdraw, however part of the route back lay along a precipitous ledge with a drop of hundreds of feet inviting certain death to anyone trying to carry or drag an unwilling prisoner.

The dark elf had been having a nightmare with her spellcasting, and the sequence continued as she failed to sleep the dwarf who was now in full flow lecturing us on the benefits of turning to the service of chaos,* and urging us to worship fell false gods.

* Of course there is a significant school of thought that says we are practically already there given a) Oakshadow b) The doomstones c) Snorri the mutant and d) Oakshadow again. The pension plan sounded quite good though.

Getz stepped forward heroically at this point,* and put in a stunning performance, stunning the luckless dwarf at something like the tenth attempt. We hurried back, intending to return swiftly to a place of safety to interrogate the spawn of chaos at leisure, after all, he claimed to have established a route to our objective, knowledge that was key to our hopes for success. I say intended, because Snorri had other ideas.

* As he is always prepared to do when faced by a much smaller opponent outnumbered 6 to 1 who has already been tied up

Having already seized the initiative with his attack on the chaos dwarf in the first place, Snorri felt he was on a roll and decided to drag the prisoner to a small platform surrounded by a thousand foot drop. He was then surprised when the dwarf recovered and opted to roll off to certain death after suffering a few pathetic attempts at torture that would have embarrassed an all girl kindergarten’s initiation ceremony.

Were we downhearted? Well frankly angry would be more like it. We held a mutual recrimination session back in the library centring on Oakshadow and her lack of wight control; Snorri and his losing of the prisoner with the route to the last doomstone and then as chaos continued to reign, the realisation that Oakshadow was carrying what she referred to as ‘precious’ warpstone just about put the tin hat on it.

I stormed off, intent on leaving these doomstone addled fools pursued by Snorri. As I attempted to leave however, I collapsed and lost consciousness, a fate that was then shared by the entire party apart from Snorri and Oakshadow. As we lay recovering slowly from a near fatal experience, we realised that the curse that had been uttered by the dwarf spirit as Snorri took the hammer, had been general, and not directed solely at Snorri.

As we lay recovering Snorri re-entered the complex and did what he did best, slaying the remaining denizens of the place protected by his doomstone powers. We now need to get healed up, swear the oath to negate the curse, and get Oakshadow to fly down to the body of Flintbrow to recover anything of use. We are in really sorry shape though and if a single snotling appeared now it could probably take the lot of us (except Snorri) with one hand tied behind its back. Meanwhile the doomstones are now beginning to stamp their marks on their bearers, who are taking on aspects of their respective elements appearance and even gods help us, smell.

What we have managed to find thanks to Oakshadow’s reading skills, are a few clues to our next destination, fortunately missed by Flintbrow. According to this information, our goal lies south west on another river tributary. Knowing our crazed modus operandi, she is probably burning those clues as we speak…


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Yet another Enemy Within
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