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 A spot of ethnic cleansing

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PostSubject: A spot of ethnic cleansing   Tue 15 Feb - 14:03:10

A Spot of Ethnic Cleansing

So there we were; flushed with victory having managed to deal effectively with a formidable enemy without resorting to any form of chaos derived doomstone attack or even magic. Surely a tremendous achievement for us; how now could we build on it?

Use the doomstones again of course. Getz fired up the fire stone intending to unleash a fire elemental amongst the throng of orcs and goblins who dared defile the sacred dwarven hall only yards away from us. I say intending, because thatís not what happened. Of course.

A few random fireballs flew off alerting the opposition but for once missing all of us. The goblins, who turned out to be slaves, fled, leaving a dozen or so orcs to attack. Up stepped Snorri, our favourite anti orc device and the attack spent itself smashing like a wave on an implacable breakwater.

Even Snorri could not hold out forever though and eventually fell under the onslaught. By then though, nearly every orc had fallen, some to the elvish arrows that rained thick amongst them, but mostly to the dwarf flail. Getz did manage another botched attack with the firestone, lightly toasting nearly everyone except Iím happy to say my good self in the rearguard with Harvey the hound.

By then only a small mopping up operation remained and the hall fell silent. One strangeness: the orc leader had turned and fled when he realised that all was lost, but we heard a chilling scream ring out just after he disappeared. Having decided with the end of combat operations that our rear was now safe from surprise attack, I valiantly moved up to the scene of carnage.

Snorri was badly hurt and Flintbrow attended to his severe wounds as Harvey padded into the hall. We spread out behind him, warily covering the many exits. Flintbrow fussed over the historical importance of the central dais and throne in the room, but frankly there was little of interest in the chamber. A number of exits were simple dead ends, but three were of interest:

In one, the goblin slaves cowered and resisted all efforts of the elf to befriend them. In two, the orc leader lay slain in a pool of blood, apparently killed as he tried to exit the far side of the room.

In three, a dwarf temple, with several altars to various deities and a library that had near orgasmic cries of ĎStone and steelí from our dwarf scholar. At this point, let us digress for a moment: Oakshadow had been visiting elsewhere in the complex, for some time floating through the ventilation system.

She now emerged at last into a chamber filled with snotlings. Oakshadow is no fighter and was having a bit off an off day magic wise too, and she managed to embarrass herself in pathetic attempts to engage these powerful enemies and eventually after only a couple of misfires and injuries she managed to kill one with her hand of dust spell.

Her terrifying appearance drove the survivors away at last and they fled into the waiting jaws of a herd of giant spiders that were stabled in this area. No sign of exits, she found only rats, which confusingly were both sleek and well fed, and that traditional staple of goblin cuisine: mushrooms.*

*Not even magic

But there was a final horror waiting: Squeegs were also kept here and Oakshadow was forced to beat an ignominious retreat back up into the vents to explore other options. Fine dark elf she turned out to be.*

*Of course the story she told us later was a little different from the above as she assured us of the death and destruction she had wreaked against overwhelming odds in a stirring tale of daring, courage, perils bested and swashes buckled by the greatest elven heroine of possibly any age

Back down below the Sea elf had given up his efforts to extract information from the goblins and drove them instead into the room where the orc chief had been mysteriously terminated.* Some kind of magic swiftly despatched the luckless slaves as they tried to pass through the same portal. Flintbrow speculated that some kind of curse protected an inner sanctum from greenskin contamination.

*Showing a ruthlessness hitherto only associated with the good Oakshadow. Are we all turning evil by degrees, warped in some way by the insidious powers of the chaos stones?

He didnít hesitate to test his theory and sure enough he passed through the threshold without incident, and I followed him inside. Here was the last resting place of local dwarven royalty, a crowned corpse and three other bodies lay within. One bore a glowing hammer. A search also revealed a rune graven shield which the sea elf took, Getz of course took a fancy to the crown, which also seemed to have a magical quality, possibly some sort of healing powers?

Who else but Snorri took up the hammer, and as he did so a ghostly apparition appeared and uttered something in Khazalid, apparently some form of curse/ geas. Snorri duly marched off to the temple and swore some sort of oath committing him to who knows what future folly. Still, he doesnít seem to care much about anything these days.

Oh and there was also a load of dosh in ancient dwarf gold. Good stuff, even better, Flintbrow only seemed concerned about the scrolls. Calls himself a dwarf? So a little battered and still missing one dark elf and perhaps more importantly her doomstone, we are poised to explore the last remaining passageway, but not before hopefully our scholar has uncovered the trail to our true destination amongst the many writings of the temple library.


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A spot of ethnic cleansing
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