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 In Other News

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PostSubject: In Other News   Thu 13 Jan - 18:05:02

The items below are extracted from various media sources covering the events at the Monastery of Verena including the local newsletter ‘Eye on The Aerie’ and the local ethereal FM station. From these we have tried to piece together recent events:

Praise be to the Goddess the foretold have arrived at last. The Roostmeister has welcomed the visitors who appeared just as shown on our glorious founder’s statue. At the dinner hour in an address to the gathered throng he announced that our guests are to be offered every courtesy provided that they avoid the library. Asked about rumours of the time of trial also foreseen, it was agreed that a committee should convene to discuss the question of possible attack by greenskin forces. Happily Captain Scar was able to confirm the unbreachable nature of our defences.

Ethereal FM traffic and we’ve got orcs backed up for miles on all the high passes leading south plus some wide loads of siege equipment, you’re advised to seek alternative routes if you have travelling plans in that direction. It’s widely expected that the monastery of Verena will be closed to all but combat traffic for the next couple of days. In other news, reports of illusions are coming in across the same region; it’s believed that renegade wolf wizard Werner is responsible. Meanwhile residents of the mountain region have been warned not to approach the deranged escaped witch elf who has now been at large for nearly 72 hours…

Monks are reminded that assisting the visitors whilst to be encouraged should not be at the price of neglecting their prayer duties or work. A number of complaints have been received about distracting questioning delaying important operations in both the brewery, smithy and other areas. Captain Scar has indicated that his troops should refer and enquiries relating to monastic security to him. He took time out to deny reports that he was considering sending scouts to investigate reports of unusual orc activity to the north.

On 97.2 across the avalanche zones bringing you an on site update from Monastery central. We’ve had reports that orc and goblin hordes have been sited approaching the monastery but the Flagmeister has dismissed these as exaggeration. He also declined to comment on the recent Audit bureau report that indicated a 16% discrepancy on the last full season’s accounts.

At 9.41 This morning the Roostmeister made the following special announcement:

'A small detachment of hostiles has been observed approaching the monastery.
There is no cause for alarm, all relevant siege related committees have been set up, and all six of Captain Scarr’s men are on full alert. The visitors are expected to be our salvation, and although at the moment their habit of searching for small pieces of paper does seem puzzling, it is doubtless part of the founder’s plan. Let us pray that in her wisdom Verena has assembled a plan so cunning that we are unable to discern the depths of its wisdom.’

…and you join us live on ethereal radio, at the heart of the action. They’re already calling it siege of the century, or the melee in the mountains and as you join us the assault by Bloodaxe forces appears to have been beaten back- temporarily. The once proud walls of this great dwarf holy fortress are badly damaged on the west side and you can already see great burial pits where the attackers are depositing their dead. Just how many of these mass graves will be filled remains to be seen but the defenders seem very limited in number. Reports of weapons of mass destruction being used by both sides, including elementals banned by the Helvetian convention are now confirmed. We’ll be back after these messages…

Tragic news: All our brethren will be shocked and saddened at the loss of Captain Scar and others appended in full on the back of this special crisis edition of ‘Eye on the Aerie’. With goblins reported to have breached the north wall and fell creatures of the air and fire at large it seems that the goddess has deserted us. The visitors whilst displaying mighty magicks seem powerless to do aught but delay the inevitable, and after much prayer an evacuation to the lower levels has been agreed by the Roostmeister should it look like the upper levels are lost. Fell undead have now also appeared and it seems that perhaps our faith in the prophecy was unwise. This will be our final issue it seems.

They thought it was all over, but is it now? Here on ethereal eye witness news we reported the fall of the aerie less than 12 hours ago, but now this reporter can tell you that these reports were premature. It’s the small hours here and the monastery fires have died away following the orgy of destruction and death we brought you live and exclusively earlier. As you join us now however I can see from my vantage point humans, elves and dwarves who seem to have appeared from nowhere supported by undead, and they are in a struggle with huge numbers of black and savage orcs. The elf female seems to be raising enemies from the dead as they are slain, either by her fellow elf’s arrows or the doughty dwarf. Earlier we saw the defenders’ tame wight dispelled by the orc shaman but now with the shaman himself taking an arrow the struggle is back on a knife edge. Join us again after these messages for the exciting conclusion of the struggle between evil and well, slightly less evil…and we may even try and work out which is which…

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In Other News
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