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 Deeds of Darkness

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PostSubject: Deeds of Darkness   Thu 6 Jan - 12:27:38

Deeds Of Darkness

So the attack continued with a wave of air elementals dropping more guests into the courtyard. Our intrepid guards, infused with new energy* it seemed began to rally as Snorri uncharacteristically retreated into the south east tower to join me. The wyverns, deprived of their tin of canned dwarf meat turned their fury against each other and began to rip each other apart.

*Freshly arrived form the fair county of Northants

Up on the north wall the fire elemental conjured by the wily Carstein leapt across the rooftops and bounded into an elemental, the two cancelling each other out for some reason and vanishing into the ether.* Our elemental left a lasting legacy however as the roof of the tailor’s workshop ignited.

*Perhaps it was a water elemental in disguise?

Meanwhile in the north tower, our increasingly shady female elf was concentrating on her doomstone again, but only managed to successfully remove the floor of the tower, sending everyone in it tumbling to the floor below, including Carstein and her sleeping opponent. Good work. Again.

The elementals flying off now left parting gifts of swirling vortexes of energy that trapped many defenders in a storm of lashing rain and gusts that knocked several off their feet. They would be back.

Down below at the gate, our two sentries were getting nervous: It was quiet. Too quiet. Where was the expected wave of orcs who had broken off, surely to repeat their frontal assault whilst the goblins diverted us? Perhaps they were invisible, and the guards took to taking random pot shots across the bridge with no result. It’s not often that the lack of a screaming horde of savage orcs bearing down on you, ready to rend you limb from limb, is taken as a bad sign, but on this occasion it was.

Snorri of course has a short* attention span. He now decided that spectating on the wyverns’ bloody tussle in my sparkling company was not a good use of his time and he ran off towards the main courtyard, just in time for one of the creatures to emerge triumphant and ready for fresh meat. As with comedy, it’s all about timing Snorri.

*Back of the net

Carstein, muttering some curses after picking himself up, now emerged into the stormy courtyard where guards and orcs were equally struggling. The elf, having been enjoying some archery practise as usual now ran a rope down the tower to lower himself to the fray below. Oakshadow of course had no need of ropes, floors or ground of any kind, floating serenely above whilst she hatched evil schemes from her pink notebook.

With the wyvern enjoying a game of pin the tail on the dwarf, I was now able to hurry past our earthy friend with a brisk ‘Good Morning’ and I reached the combat in the main courtyard. No showers of rubble were going to ruin my day.

A strange site met my eyes as I rounded the corner: Away to the left I could just barely hear the screams of chuckling laughter with a Beckenham accent as the goblins at last crested the wall and began to push back the defending monks. Ahead the roof was well alight and the smell of roast goblin would surely have reached me but for the elemental storms in the courtyard. These were fading but as if on cue, a fresh flight of elementals arrived depositing more orcs and bringing fresh wind attacks.

But most strange was what looked very like the late Captain Scar dressed as a wight that had joined combat with an elemental. The resemblance to Scar was uncanny except that his missing limb seemed to have grown back. Now, what I was unaware of at this point was that Oakshadow had seized control of one elemental that was now aiding the defence away at the northwest sector and slightly more disturbingly had raised the good flat Captain, from the dead as a wight.

So nothing to worry about there then.

Unable to decide what to make of the scene, I despatched a savage orc from behind that was giving one of the guards trouble, well you know where you are with orcs don’t you? But then I got knocked down as the wind picked up again and could only watch as the battle progressed in the courtyard. I then witnessed further raisings by Oakshadow who added two zombies to her growing entourage which also included briefly a second elemental.

Elsewhere, Snorri finally despatched the second wyvern and the guards below began to feel a trembling of the ground. Getz, who had been hobbling around looking for a healer at last got patched up by the clownsmith Klaus, but the goblins were pouring over the wall in great numbers, entering the burned out buildings and shinning down the rope thoughtfully left for them by our elf marksman. D’oh!

In the confusion, the elf shouted something to me about the south east tower and I made for it, uncertain what he wanted though noting he ran down the stairs to the level below. Milling monks were streaming from the hall also headed down led by Norbert and Gregor who appeared to have noticed at last that the monastery was not quite impregnable. Finding nothing of interest or threat to the south east I ran back to join Snorri and Getz who were entering the gatehouse area.

There we found a shrine with a concealed trapdoor which quickly succumbed to my pick and we entered a crypt containing a chest and a sarcophagus topped with a statue of a hawk. I moved to examine it, only for it to animate as a ghostly form and it flew clean through my face with no apparent ill effects.

The ground was now shaking violently and three thoughts occurred: If I were an elementalist shaman with time on my hands and a fortress to take, what use could I make of a nice earth elemental that enjoyed nothing more than tunnelling through solid rock?

The second thought was: It’s been an awful long time since a handout, are we going to move on from being the party known as Earth Wind and Fire?

The final thought was: Is it really a good idea that anyone, let alone this dominatrix elf with a penchant for necromancy and who knows what, should have any doomstones?

Whatever the case, I think the time is arriving where we need to leave the goblin fortress formerly known as the aerie…

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Deeds of Darkness
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