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 Radzogs gambit

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Radzogs gambit   Mon 20 Dec - 13:22:15

The Orc chieftan of the Blood Axe Alliance gave the orders with confidence. The defenders of Eyrie had been tested and proved competent, at least. Good, Radzog likes a worthy opponent, but they had also proved stupid, for they had shown him what he wanted - the stones. My cousin had one, once, but now here I stand on the brink of gaining 3 of the legendary stones of power. The Hedgemony will have to accept my position as ruler of the Orcs. Even Gork and Mork will not stand against me with these.

Dusk finally settled and Radzog gave the orders. The catapults sent the grapnels high into the sky, 2 volleys should be sufficent, most of the grapnels scoring a hit to the walls and roofs. The defenders scrambled to remove the hooks, but their incompetence in the use of the stones proved their undoing. Next he commanded the Wyverns to attack, making sure the defenders would have difficulty in defending the wall assault.
True to plan, the defenders soon abandoned the towers, although not before removing a few hooks. But it mattered not, the goblin sacrifices would not be in vein. The others still assended and now neared the walls, soon Eyrie would be his. Now time for the Elementals. Summoning the Air Elements his black orcs would be lifted over the walls to attack the demoralised defenders. A suicidal Dwarf had taken down one of his Wyverns, but the other still carried on with its mission.

And all this had distracted the defenders from Radzogs prize plan. He gave the order for the Orcs to hold their ground for a few more minutes before their advance on Eyrie. Very soon he would break the defences, he felt it in his blood. The power of the stones were calling for him and none shall be spared
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Radzogs gambit
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