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 Let he who is without sin cast...

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PostSubject: Let he who is without sin cast...   Tue 30 Nov - 13:56:02

The Third Stone

We searched the eastern tower – the sleepy tower as it turned out. No joy but it did give us a marvellous view of the arriving orcs. Our researcher reports from the library confirmed our worst wyvern fears; the summary of the intelligence was: avoid at all costs. Having come up with nothing but a lesson on dwarven water catchment systems from the tower, we returned to the smithy which seemed the alternative.

Our elf maiden* was conducting some all too sophisticated analysis of the clues and had concluded that the pictures were more critical than the text. Based on this we examine the pair of crossed two handed duelling swords on the wall of the smithy whilst the clownsmith entertained Snorri with his amusing anecdotes and shortist humour. One proved to have a hollow handle, containing yet another clue.

*Says she

The image on this one showed a knight, a chest and another jack with a dwarf coin. The text referred to a flag and the word weary appeared. This suggested to us: The Sleepy tower which we had already futilely checked; Captain Scarr, possibly represented by the Knight; the flagpole and or the Flagmeister, who as treasurer was suggested by the coin, chest and word flag in the text.

Scarr was no help but a conversation with Norbert was fruitful. He reluctantly acceded to Carstein’s request to see the treasure after identifying the knight as a statuette in the monastery’s coffers. With the aid of some persuasion by Gregor he showed us the silver statuette eventually complete with hexagonal base. Meanwhile Carstein carried out a quick magical audit of the books that revealed that Norbert had a nailed on career waiting for him working for an early twenty first century bank such as Leaman Brothers waiting for him a few reincarnations down the line.

Snorri unscrewed the base easily after the elf had failed his jar opening roll, revealing another clue: This appeared to be the central piece of the jigsaw given its highly symmetrical layout. A final half piece was located when we realised that the smith’s brother Ziggy the tailor held the missing half of the earlier well clue.

Again it was the wisdom of the elf newcomer that paid dividends, suggesting the key words of the eight clues might form a sentence. I came up with ‘Seek Only the flag on the tallest staff’.

What had our orc visitors been up to during all this I hear you ask? Well they decided to set up batteries of siege engines to the North and sent a detachment of troops to cut off the bridge. They also had the courtesy to drop in a goblin messenger* who repeatedly repeated a demand for the doomstone. Snorri explained to him that we weren’t in the doomstone-dispensing business and returned him to the horde below where our message certainly made an impact.

*From a great height

Our sea elf meanwhile shinned up the flagpole and unscrewed the pommel on top, only to find it empty, nor could we locate any magic or get any sympathetic glowing from our stones. The mystery was cleared up quickly though: The flagpole had been replaced some time in the hundred years and the old one, located in an old store room duly disgorged its hidden treasure.

Our elf wizard snatched it up; I felt somewhat hastily and with what seemed to me to be an undue amount of salivation on spotting the chaos runes encrusting it. She quickly attuned to it, her fellow elf having already failed.

The orc attack now began with magic, Snorri being attacked with a deluge of rock which his doomstone simply absorbed. Our wizards now began to counter with their stones. Now I don’t really understand magic, but Carstein was busy blowing up siege equipment and the elf blew away some sort of poisonous gas attack. Snorri tried to start an avalanche which would have been a very neat and tidy way of eliminating the opposition, but succeeded only in shaking the aerie with a minor earthquake.

Meanwhile using the stones in anger seemed to be developing their potential.* The trio gaining an ability to share, combine and increase their respective powers by working together. Snorri however was able to bring any signs of triumph back down to earth – quite literally as he once again blew an attempt to do something nasty to our attackers.

* And increasing our chances of blowing ourselves up

A celestial dump truck was relocated from some distant open caste mine works and dropped ten tonnes of rock on Snorri, the elf, Scarr and Mitchell. Snorri, protected by his stone was fine of course, but Getz and the elf were squashed so flat that they no longer need to worry about doors any more as they could just be pushed underneath the base of any portal.

Oh wait, my mistake, they miraculously avoided a three micron thick future somehow: How fickle fate can be. Scarr had survived too, but looked badly crushed, saved by his heavy armour. Meanwhile a wave of air elementals had a special delivery of savage orcs addressed to us. Despite our barrage of arrows and magic several got through and I found myself in a fight.

The orcs seemed stronger and tougher and their attacks more frenzied than the normal variety. I managed to wound one several times but it kept going until it was finally transfixed by an arrow from the elf and the others were dispatched with some magical assistance and difficulty.

We had survived the first wave: I was wounded, two of us had nearly died and the monastery’s impregnable* defences had proved no barrier to air attack. Captain Scarr looked a mess and we were cut off. We had killed the three orcs that got through, but how would we fare against the remaining 1997?

*I think this just means that if you test it, it won’t turn blue.

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Let he who is without sin cast...
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