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 A Pale Companion

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PostSubject: A Pale Companion   Tue 9 Nov - 13:27:15

A Pale Companion
We picked our way across the bone strewn snow after I had established for sure the inadequacy of our elf’s search of the wolf cavern. An illusion had concealed the ambushers; clearly the wolves had an ally and master who had directed and coordinated the attack. Presumably the pit concealment could also have been enhanced by an illusion. The skeletons’ passageway formed an apparently natural cleft in the rock, and we entered single file, plunging into the darkness behind the fearless Snorri. The passageway was lit eerily by the wizard’s dancing lights and it bent sharply back on itself before emerging into a chamber.

Suddenly, there was an ominous rumbling, and the passageway collapsed behind us, sealing us in. Again some malevolent intelligence was clearly at work as we could hear the shuffling of feet from the exit as some new pincer movement was deployed. Zombies filled the passageway and Snorri Getz and I, all ready to engage, froze in terror.*

*As usual
The struggle went on for some time as the zombies, many of them elves, tried to batter us, fortunately fairly ineffectively. The wizard and the elf were briefly overcome too as they were seized by some malady of their own. After recovering from the initial shock we dealt with the creatures relatively easily, the elf contributing with his usual arrows and the wizard a couple of spells. Getz managed to shoot one point blank; it naturally survived however owing the heavy crossbow’s well known ineffectiveness at point blank range.

During the engagement at one point some sort of magical attack was attempted, Getz and Snorri resisting whatever the spell’s effect was. From where it came, no one could see, there seemed no one but zombies ahead, Carstein checked behind and the only other entrance remained resolutely rubble choked.

Having dealt with the zombies, we heard cries for help from the passageway beyond. All but Snorri felt compelled to rush to provide assistance, and we hurried down the passage led by the elf. We passed a great chasm on our right before reaching a passageway containing the prisoner.

She was an elf, strikingly pale and under dressed,* chained to the wall. She seemed half starved and had clearly been a prisoner for several days at least. Our own elf at once began to strike up very friendly conversation as we released her and gave her some food. Her story was simple enough: She had been wizard to a hunting party of elves tracking down marauding wolves.

*Jen’s role play was disappointingly abstract at this point
They had met a fellow wizard called Werner on a similar mission. But they were betrayed: In fact he was the very cause of the wolves’ behaviour and he had killed the elves and imprisoned the wizard, whose name was Larithiriel Oakshadow. She confirmed she had seen the man, also a master illusionist flee the chamber by the other exit.

Werner, apart from his mastery of wolves and illusion was a shape shifter, able to assume the form of a giant, near black wolf. He was also some sort of necromancer, as many of the zombies we had destroyed were our new found friend’s previous companions. Meanwhile we realised that our dwarven friend had taken a little detour whilst we had interrogated the elf. He had discovered a dark temple beyond a secret door from which our opponent had tried his magic. The temple contained an evil altar and some treasures, including the prisoner’s possessions. These she reclaimed after some arguments with our possessive little friend.

I have to admit I was a little disquieted by the way our new companion seemed to have quickly charmed her way into our happy band: The elf of course seemed to get on well with her, but Getz and Carstein seemed equally at home with her. On the other hand, Snorri perhaps understandably as a dwarf, seemed very distrustful of her. I decided to reserve judgement, though I was somewhat shocked at the wizard’s open discussion of the doomstones with her and his demonstration of its power as he destroyed the temple and its unholy altar with it.

We left the cave complex and emerged back into the snow where Werner’s tracks were clear. They quickly changed to wolf tracks and disappeared into the distance, taking the same direction that we would need to follow to reach the monastery. Oakshadow claimed to know the way to this. How convenient.

The weather was deteriorating as we continued our journey, and tracking became impossible. Then one morning we awoke to find the camp encircled by wolves. Having had our fair share of illusions and witnessing their odd behaviour, we quickly sussed another Werner special. Our new wizard friend brilliantly decided to create a very loud noise to prove that they were illusion.

Later as we* dug ourselves out of the avalanche I made a mental note that travelling with wizards was perhaps a policy that I should be reviewing given some of my recent experiences. I was beginning to appreciate why Snorri had stolen the elf’s spellbook only to be forced to return it.

*OK so I am a miner but someone else might have helped
At last the monastery came into view and a few hours later we approached the vertiginous bridge that created an easily defensible access point to it. The monastery stood on a dizzyingly precipitous pinnacle of rock detached from the main mountainside. More like a fortress than a place of worship and contemplation, only air attack or magical means could threaten its position.

The elf told us that the monastery had been built one hundred years ago. The magic one hundred years again. Surely no coincidence; it seemed likely to us that the monastery could have been built to house the third doomstone.

Silver and I crossed the narrow stone bridge first and as we assembled at the gate were greeted by the guard who clearly recognised us: We were those foretold by prophecy. It should be interesting to hear this one.


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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: A Pale Companion   Wed 10 Nov - 13:32:12

Its amazing how Snorri seemed very well versed in the history of the Elves. Background wise, other than the Elves of Ulthuan, no others are aware of the difference from Elf to Elf.

Questions questions questions......

Is Digger insane?
What is Lathiriels nature?
Why is Snorri such rubbish fighter?
Where's Ghetts?
And what do you call those pink wafery bisuits that nobody seems to know what they are called but they are quite nice anyway?
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PostSubject: Re: A Pale Companion   Wed 10 Nov - 17:26:13

Well the biscuits are of course made of crushed beetle carapaces, (cochineal) but the other questions are a mystery to me.
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PostSubject: Re: A Pale Companion   

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A Pale Companion
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