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 Saving Lathiriel Oakenshadow

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PostSubject: Saving Lathiriel Oakenshadow   Tue 9 Nov - 13:21:58

And so it was that the party - Ghetts Getters - happened upon a hiddedn entrance to a mine in the Ironstone Pass. Given the sudden appearance of skeletons from there and the immediate snowwy climate, it seemed a good idea to go blindly into a potential undead infested mine.

The Miner, one Digger Tracey, believed the cave to be natural until they came upon a cavern whereby he assessed that the cave had been man made and made to look natural. Upon these words of wisom the mine entrance suddenly collapsed on them, entombing them with whatever inhabitants may lurk within. Moments after the dust settled and an eerie silence fell upon them, the Magister, Carstein, illumiminated the cavern with another fine display of his trickery. Then the silence was broken by a shuffling sound ni the snow coverd cavern floor and a low groaning sound rapidly approaching.

Readyin their weapons the party preapred an ambush of sorts (as if the inhabitants did not know who may lay ahead of them). Breaking the darkness of the passageway to the west appeared a unit of zombies, freshly dead or thereabouts, with varoius implements sticking from their body's, a clear indicator of their demise. Not just human bodies, but elven too. Preparing to cast off his spells, Carstein became suddenly dumbstruck, along wih the elf scout; Andilwei. Fearing for their lives, the carefree dwarf, Snorri, and Digger lost their courage as only Mitchell kept his cool to defend against these viel opponents.

Snorri and Digger in their infeebled state of fear would both be struck by blows, but a lucky escape stopped them from coming to much harm, while Mitchell started to pummel away at his fresh dead enemy. Snorri and Digger recovered to join the fight, a largely one sided affair of hack and slash at the dead enemy. Suddenly the elf and wizard recovered and joined the fray to end an otherwise unproblematic battle. With fresh zombie fied blodd covering the floors and walls, the party were compelled to investigate further when they heard a female voice call for help. Andil reacted first as Carsteing and Mitchell followed after. Diggers chose to follow to, while Snorri investigated the corpse filled cavern.

An Elf female was chained near naked to the wall under a sacrificial skull ediface. Lucky for our party as female company had been lacking lately so a fresh face and eye candy was a welcome sight. Although the party did agree she needed a bit of fattening up as she looked very pale and weak, but claimed to be a powerful mage of sorts. Upon hearing this our intrepid adventurers saw fit to confess all to her of their recent adventures in the valley.

Snorri soon appeared claiming that she is a Dark Elf (Strangly educated as Dwarves are unaware of such distinctions, all elves are the same in their tales of woe). But our reolute and intellectual adventurers saw past the dwafs ruse to slay elven blood and stoutly defended the fair maidens honour. Now Lathiriel Oakenshadow joins up with the adventurers in their search for the missing stones of power.

Can they convince Snorri that Latti is a friend or will Snorri prove to them she is of il lfortune for them
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Saving Lathiriel Oakenshadow
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