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 Muddy Waters

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PostSubject: Muddy Waters   Wed 27 Oct - 18:31:54

Glorious Mud

I would say we were bloodied but unbowed, but it would be more accurate to say we were muddied and fairly bowed. Some slight re-orientation with the map was required Ė a mere 180 degree error that could have happened to anyone and we were off again. The long departed dwarves had obviously discouraged unwelcome visitors judging by the number of ancient portcullises we broke through. We reached what seemed to be an audience chamber, at least so our resident dwarf told us. The trigger happy wizard now had one of his great ideas: Get rid of the disgusting cloying mud using his pet doomsday device; the completely harmless and totally under his control doomstone.

Lacking the time and means (though not the inclination) to retreat to the deepest nuclear shelter on the most distant continent of a suitable planet at least five parsecs away from our current solar system, we settled on nipping round the corner into a nearby dead end corridor. This proved to be an inspired choice as the wizardís firework display was about as impressive as my old dadís firework display where the highlight was if the milk bottle holding the rocket fell over, forcing us to scramble for safety behind the potting shed. A small quantity of mud sizzled gently before the room returned to serene and still mud filled normality.

Far more impressive was the crescendo of noise as portcullises crashed down, sealing every nearby aperture including locking all of us (except our sheepish mage) into the dead end corridor. Fortunately, our heroic dwarf Snorri managed to partly deflect the one sealing us in by allowing it to nearly cut him in half. Our embarrassment continued as after freeing ourselves I managed to fall headlong into the muddy soup in the room as we searched it, enabling me to enjoy an Oliver Hardy moment, slightly enlivened by armour eating leeches attacking me.

Beyond the raised dais overlooking the chamber a couple of exits beckoned and stairs up to the west led us to a library where we rested for a while to catch our breath and heal a little. Here we also made a key discovery: a frail parchment that we copied out as it bore instructions for the opening of the doors with the contorted faces in the chamber that we had seen from above and were searching for. The details were so complex that we would have had no hope without these words and I would repeat all the details here, but if these notes are found by future adventurers clutched in my skeletal fingers, that would make things too easy for my successors, so I will content myself by saying that without these instructions you might as well go home now!

We headed east and back down into the mud, passing through a priestsí smaller audience chamber and then reaching a triple fork in the corridor. Boiling mud warned us again of the return of the pesky tentacles and we ran for it as best we could, emerging into a room containing a glowing blue white crystal on a pillar. The walls here were lined with blue crystals, but there was little time for contemplation as the tentacles attacked in force, more than a score swamping the party.

We fought desperately for some minutes, a flash of inspiration directing us to attack the crystal as it generated the life force of the elemental mud tentacles. Eventually we were triumphant with the destruction of the crystal removing the slimy threat at last. The room proved another dead end so we tried the next corridor which took us up out of the mud before disappointingly descending back into it, but now we emerged at last into the room at the base of the sacrificial shaft that our elf had been lowered down to was it only yesterday? It seemed an age ago.

From this level we could examine the altar more closely and see the carvings on it that were referred to by our precious instructions. These said that they would need to be daubed with blood. The double doors with the dwarf faces would also need to be sated with bloody offerings if we were to be successful, and the altar washed down with blood. Clearly the original builders were not the cuddly wertherís original sucking kindly dwarves that we all know and love today. We held a brief team meeting and the vote narrowly went in favour of using ogre blood rather than dismembering our wizard, though it was a close decision.

As a result we returned to the level above and chopped up one of our unfortunate ogre hosts, dropping the bits down the shaft. We used this to coat the altar and wash down what seemed like every dwarven carved face in the building with ogre blood. Our intrepid dwarf then barked out the ceremonial challenge to the doors after striking each face three times, and blow me if the doors didnít actually swing openÖ

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Muddy Waters   Thu 28 Oct - 12:40:42

Dont miss the concluding part of Diggers Diary on "Blood in Darkness" Part 2 of the Doomstones Campaign coming next week. Followed by Death Rock, part 3 of the adventurers search for the ancient lost dwarven crystals of power.

Keep reading in "Diggers Diary" - the tragic story of a group of low born men, who found themselves on a trail of an ancient Orc War trail
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Muddy Waters
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