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 Frying Tonight

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PostSubject: Frying Tonight   Wed 29 Sep - 13:57:25


So we made our way down many flights of stairs that twisted and turned deeper into the complex. We arrived at another bedroom chamber, opened by the key we had found and a search of this room came up with a range of earthenware jars: Snorri our dwarf clearly is a bit of a druggie on the side, identifying black lotus and healing properties in the various contents. There was also a set of rocks, apparently collectables but of little intrinsic value.

Mindful that pursuit remained likely, we continued deeper down more winding stairs, merging into a mud filled room which our mapping suggested abutted the chamber we had already seen from when the elf was lowered from the shrine above. The puzzle was how to open the great stone doors, which resolutely resisted all attempts, however Tolkienesque, to make them open. Our pondering was then interrupted by the emergence of a sea of writhing tentacles from within the ooze.

With Artoo Deetoo unable to answer the comlink and a number of characters already grappled and pulled down, things looked dark for our heroes. Luckily, our thoughtful wizard and part time doomstone channelling device had an inspired ides: Why not release a little of the stone’s power in the form of a judiciously placed fireball that would scorch and frighten of our slimy little green friends? Why not indeed?

Carstein glowing bright red with the aura that has in no way caused any concern amongst his fellow party members initiated a precision surgical strike designed to effortlessly eliminate our foes leaving us unharmed and triumphant.

The blast gathered itself in a great incandescent ball of flame in the centre of the room, umbilicals of power connecting the energy to our wizard’s unwavering control. It then coalesced into a great flaming visage as the doomstone manifested anthromorphically, an entirely unexpected development. We realised that it was going for a look of gentle empowered wisdom, tempered with a near godlike omniscience; it was just that it came across as a totally deranged psychotic killing machine bent on the destruction of all non mineral based life.

The blast that was unleashed rippled outward in a nanosecond, forming a tidal wave of boiling mud that evaporated into super heated steam before being utterly eradicated by the searing temperature. The ancient dwarf carvings that decorated the chamber walls, having resisted the ravages of time for a thousand years were cleansed in the blink of an eye. The three ogres, sneaking down the corridor behind us, hearts burning with a desire for vengeance, were skeletonised, their scorched bones the only proof of their existence to remain after the kiss of the doomstone.

Of the tentacle horrors, nothing remained, their gelatinous forms liquefied and expunged in a sizzling flash. One or two party members lost their eyebrows.*

*Fate points were extensively deployed; otherwise just Snorri and Carstein would have remained. We managed to go from well done to blue as a result.

There was of course after that, a great deal of back slapping and congratulatory remarks addressed to our wizard such as: ‘Well played sir’ and ‘If only you could do that more often.’ These remarks it’s true were probably lost amongst a large number of death threats. The chamber, now scoured clear of all contents showed evidence of a growth below the mud level that had no doubt spawned the tentacles. Getz also found his armour had been subjected to attack.

The stone doors were conspicuously undamaged and remained implacable in the face of our attempts to open them. We returned up the long corridor to the surface and managed to scavenge some more equipment to replace our unceremoniously cremated supplies.

Tracking back to beyond the chamber where we had so recently fought with the ogres we explored to the east where we located a chamber beyond the ogres’ mess hall containing the skeleton of the mage Yarazan, or so we assumed. Snorri broke through the magically sealed door and we searched the old study. Carstein had a moment of insight that suggested that the potion bottle in the skeletal fingers of the seated mage was a powerful healing liquid. Snorri, our healing expert moved to try and administer it to the skeleton.

Unfortunately, this caused the undead creature to animate and by passing the terrified dwarf it lunged for the mage, singling him out beyond all others. We all laid in to the creature and Snorri despatched the creature with a mighty blow, a sad end to a tragic tale for a once great mage.

Carstein and Snorri had both been weakened by some form of draining attack by the spectral mage and we were looking a little battered now. Fortunately the effects were only temporary. We then proceeded down the steep shaft where a pair of ogres had once disappeared on a similar journey. We re-entered the world of mud and were soon making our way down corridors in the general direction of the next doomstone chamber.

The corridor then branched left and right and we went left as a cluster of bubbles began to pursue us – tentacle horrors again no doubt. Hastening into another room and slamming the door behind us, a huge number of tentacles burst from floor and walls attacking us. A desperate struggle followed as the swarm tried to grapple and drown us, Digger and Getz both nearly choked. After a prolonged struggle some nine tentacles were driven away and we were left till alive but further weakened and extremely muddy. At least the wizard had kept his doomstone to himself this time, but now we navigated by the eerie red light that gently pulsed from his whole body…


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Frying Tonight
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