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 Where is Digger Tracey?

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Where is Digger Tracey?   Wed 29 Sep - 13:37:33

G'day folks, I hope ya got sum tucker down ya as we have a long trek ahead. Me an the lads'a found a deep level of this here shrine an seem to'a got ourselves a bit lost. Ta make thigs worse, we only gonnan got our selves covered in muck an'a been fightin' with them there tentacles that cum from the mud. There is also the slight case of Carsteingphobia after the flammin idiot only went and fried us all like steak on a barby with his new magic tricks. Poor ol Mitch was toasted an we lost all a're goods to it and I took a grillin' fer sure.

Still 'ol Carsteins trick did have the good fortune ta waste those flamin Ogres, saving us a few scrapes

still when I have composed myself I'll put up a more concise report

laters for now and I be seein ya
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Where is Digger Tracey?
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