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 Normal Service Resumes

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PostSubject: Normal Service Resumes   Mon 13 Sep - 17:22:45

Normal Service Resumed
My recollections are a little hazy for a while, but somehow we had continued our reconnoitring of the top level of the complex. Our friendly ogres were much placated by a few goblin snacks courtesy of our efforts and continued to allow us the run of the place. We found a steep descent to a mud filled room where two ogres had vanished and heard tales of a time years past when the ogres had been engaged by the Bloodaxe alliance. Deep in the complex we found a desecrated dwarven shrine which had become a place of worship to the ogre Cartag Horsebiter.

The altar was topped by a black stone and a curtain marked the limit of our progress as the ogre shaman’s lair, clearly off limits, lay beyond. A hole dropped to a chamber fifty feet below, and the doomstone glowed brighter in its area. We got quite chummy with the ogre shaman Rothnug, and he even helped lower our elf to the room below. The elf reported that he emerged trapped in a metal cage over a raised dais in another mud filled room, well three feet deep filled anyway.

We were doing so well when we met up with the ogre’s top warrior, a jack the lad named Hraddyag. He proposed a jolly little test, a fight to the death with our champion. This was not exactly greeted as a great idea by our guide but he didn’t seem all that bothered either and the two ogre guards loitering in the neighbourhood welcomed the proposal with enthusiasm.

Snorri, our greatest warrior* insisted on being our champion. If he lost, we would also die, the shaman meanwhile also made it clear hat he’d be pretty upset if we won. Not a great choice in other words. Snorri opened the combat by attempting to lure the giant into a false sense of security by pretending to be absolutely petrified.**

*Or so he assured us
**Doing incidentally, a highly convincing job of it

Luckily the confined surroundings made it difficult for the ogre’s combat advantage to tell and the dwarf managed to hold his own. Carstein meanwhile began surreptitiously casting spells to help the little fellow, but without much luck. I was trying to mask the wizard throughout all this trying to distract the shaman with questions about the rules of the combat, however, he saw through my efforts and began throwing a few spells of his own though at least one backfired. Another resulted in an overwhelming attack of dwarf flatulence.*

*Even worse than his usual standard

The dwarf was doing well avoiding the ogre, largely through the benefit of my shield which I had rashly lent him, but soon it was obvious that we would all have to fight. The shaman went down to an attack from Carstein’s magic and I waded in on the downed leader inflicting a grievous head wound. Magic was also responsible for sleeping another ogre and continuing to neutralise another for periods.

The shaman now ran, but not before striking his staff into the ground where it transformed into an earth elemental that attacked me. A well aimed arrow from the elf cut off his flight and either that or a magic projectile from our mage dispelled the elemental. I was able to kill the slept ogre and then the ogre champion; the battle was over and we had got off lightly.

A little looting later and we were a bit richer, including amongst the pickings some silver dice and a key. We returned to the forbidden curtain in the shrine and passed into the passage way beyond, confident that we would find a lucrative treasure. Unexpectedly though we found another priest ogre in the living quarters at the end of the corridor. Thinking quickly, we alerted the disfigured priest to a goblin uprising and reported the two ogres whose names we knew as injured and requiring his assistance. Slightly surprisingly, he bought the story and rushed off to aid his comrades.

We took to looting again, finding some supplies, money and jewellery. Another document bearing Torgoch’s name appeared to be a map of part of the lower level. Another exit seemed to lead to this area and looks like our next step before our priest friend discovers our ruse and returns with reinforcements.


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Normal Service Resumes
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