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 Going Underground

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PostSubject: Going Underground   Wed 25 Aug - 13:48:12

Going Underground

Our massive ogre guide led us into the shrine past a strange glistening black rock. He took us to where he assured us we would fid some of the goblins that had been irritating the ogre community. Sure enough only a short way down the narrow ogre unfriendly passageway indicated our dwarf found himself to be rapidly filling with arrows.

We charged in confident in our ability against mere goblins and were quickly in trouble: Snorri was an early casualty and I took a hefty thwack too. Couldn’t use my pick in the narrow passageway and was having trouble hitting anything. The wizard started firing in spells, unless it was my mere thought waves causing goblins to explode infront of me.

The halfling turned out to have a proper mean streak too and killed several opponents. A huge zone of darkness courtesy of our wizard confused the goblins for a while and kept the odds manageable then the wizard turned invisible and started giving them grief in person. His studies are really coming on a treat.

Old Getz was going soft trying to stun opponents as the ogres had asked for a few to be kept fresh and eventually we got through all fourteen, several of whom were engulfed in some pretty spectacular fireballs. Hmmm, maybe that wizard’s getting a little bit too good… or is it the wizard?

We dragged ourselves back to some happy ogres who were happy to chomp on some fresh meat. As a treat our guide let us into his commander’s quarters where I lowered the intrepid halfling down a well to investigate a promising hidden ledge. Nothing ventured, nothing gained after all?

Or possibly nothing ventured and you don’t end up with a halfling almost bitten in two by an angry earth elemental for a treasure of 40 silver coins. There was also a cache of wine which we helped ourselves too before having to attempt to reassemble the halfling. Fortunately he wasn’t as badly hurt as we initially feared, but it was a close run thing there for a moment. On to find this mysterious body next. Yazaran? The second doomstone is definitely close…

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Going Underground
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