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 A Handy Note on Trappins

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PostSubject: A Handy Note on Trappins   Wed 11 Aug - 19:07:20

WFRP Version 2 is specifically designed to avoid the power hungry play that pollutes most games of this genre. For example, it is all too common for every PC to be armed to the teeth in the best and most powerfull weapons and armour the game has to offer, after all most PC's have enough coin after one adventure to afford almost any thing they like.

The career system has been modified to prevent this kind of bullshit. Try playing an RPG on computer software. You will no doubt see that types of weapons and armour are unavailable to different types of caracter (Paladin, warrior, mage etc). In this respect, WFRP V2 works much the same. That is to say, if your career does not have that weapon listed as a trapping then you may not attempt to buy the weapon or armour piece.

In exceptional circumstances your GM (who is of course omnipitont and malicious in one) may allow you to buy weapons and armour not covered by your career, but this will be under extreme conditions.

There is no point in a career systm if you are not going to stick to it. The idea of completing a career is that you use the tools of the trade and the skills and talents therein. Even if your previous career allows you a different set of weapons, then this is fine, but you are still required to use the weapons fo your career, including armour sets. An assassin is of no use to anyone if he is still laden with the burden of heavy armour from when he was a Kinght of the inner circle. The point is that you have left that career in persuit of a new one.

For this reason you should choose your career path carefully and plan with your GM how this will be achieve and why your character would want to do this. Elves for instance do not have an interest in Cross Bows. Do not ask the GM for one, you will not get it.

Some careers allow you to choose a specialist weapon group. Look at the trappings, this will usually give you a clue as to what types to learn.

EG: Talents: Specialist weapon group (Any Two)
Trappings: Hand Gun or Flail, Lance or Sword Breaker.

In this career, the choice is simple, your specialist weapon group choice would be to learn one of Gunpowder or Flail, and alos one of Cavalry or Defensice traits. You cannot pick a SWG talent that you are not permitted in your career, such as Elf bow in this example.

Look at your career, think about where you want to go and then how you will achieve it. This is important as no amount of "Oh no problem, lets travel 4 weeks to the next City (What in Sigmars name does this have to do with the adventure) and get exactly what we want because we can. Your GM will point blank refuse. Tact such as an impossible combat encounter will occur. You will all end up using a fate point, finding yourself tied up to a large tree in the barren wastes, with no weapons, clothes, or trappings.

It is also worth noting that some careers are extremely difficult to enter. Obtaining an item could require using illegal means (Stealing etc), the black market, a quest in its own right or going down some dark road that could have dire consequences. You should consider thi before choosing such a career, as you will drag your fellows with you, which in turn could drastically effect their careers.

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A Handy Note on Trappins
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