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 On the trail of Yazaran

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PostSubject: On the trail of Yazaran   Wed 11 Aug - 13:43:17

Back To What Passes For Civilisation In These Parts

The party was surprisingly numerous having escaped the circle of terror. We calmly and rationally debated what to do next, and agreed to continue east along the river after barely an hour of threats and arguing. I scouted eastward ahead of the rest with our new friend in tights who had agreed to help me train in my new scouting career. The elf caught sight of something after only a couple of hours and found an eagle shaped staff. More scrawlings of ancient orcs revealed that they had abandoned the staff and a few dwarf trinkets here after they deserted their mad leader Torgoch. Further clues also indicated another dwarf shrine far to the north in the area of the tower we had searched days before. Had we missed a major destination?

A review of evidence gathered so far revealed that the doomstones were a set of four, almost certainly representing fire earth air and water. The dwarf had sent one, the crystal of air north with a wizard. The stone we had was the fire crystal, and our journey along the river bank had indicated that it repelled water, no doubt one side effect of its powers. The doomstones also glow in proximity to each other. The dwarf’s story from our trip back in time indicated that the elves had once possessed a stone and lost it, one was in the valley and one had been sent north. Nothing was known about the other. What I could not disentangle in my own mind was which stone was which; was the one sent north the one sent with the wizard? The orcs had apparently obtained the elves’ stone but was that the one we had or was ours the one described as being in the valley?

With career ambitions firmly to the fore we continued to the first settlement of the border princes’ realms, the aptly named Tombstone. It’s a lawless place fortified by a local crimelord whose only interest is taxing the trade and populace of the area, no doubt soon to include us. If he is typical of what constitutes a border prince I see little hope for this region. After deciding against the first tavern we tried for accommodation* we settled in at the One Eyed Prince, an altogether finer establishment where I spent some time trying to learn more about the border princes.

* The hideous ogre landlady was altogether too accommodating

The elf meanwhile discovered a talent for cavorting the street for the cash from pitying passers by; however, his trade quickly waned as the novelty wore off. The dwarf, apart from ignoring my best efforts to engage him in teaching me Khazalid to improve on the pidgin I had picked up in the mines, seemed intent on spending his time in tavern brawls and drinking competitions. He had built a container for the doomstone to secure and conceal it and hopefully keep any baneful effects to a minimum, and no one had exactly been falling over themselves to bear the cursed artefact, so we'd been quite happy to let the dwarf bear the risk, but now we were forced to remove the doomstone from his custody to keep it secret; keep it safe.

We attempted to purchase various trappings and equipment, a trip to the smithy in particular failing to pay dividends. The local smith was clearly a stranger to the concept of craftsmanship and I decided that the shields he had on offer would be marginally less effective than a dustbin lid and I decided not to invest. Nor did our interrogator dwarf feel able to purchase manacles of his shoddy workmanship. I was interested in a horse too but the village had nothing to offer on that front either. The nearest city was described as being at least a weeks travel further south through country so infested with bandits that even the Magnificent Seven had refused to work in the region.

On the good news front my training in various aspects of my new career is underway, helped by the equipment I was able to purchase from a trade caravan passing through. A shield, rope and a horse, a grey mare I named Silver Strine were my purchases along with a longbow which the elf has promised me tuition in. Others were also able to make progress in their new career areas. The only thing we couldn’t get was a secure strongbox for the doomstone. Finally, Snorri was able to cure my tomb rot which was a big weight off my mind. Our thoughts are turning now to the journey back north to the dwarf shrine, in particular, how we are going to avoid paying the Tombstone exit tax? Or should we just bite the bullet, after all, we have enough enemies already. Don’t we?


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PostSubject: Re: On the trail of Yazaran   Wed 11 Aug - 18:51:28

Dear Editor

the name is Yazaran

otherwise all seems fine
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On the trail of Yazaran
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