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 Circle Of Fear

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PostSubject: Circle Of Fear   Thu 29 Jul - 13:55:55

Circle Of Fear

Not feeling terribly fit today especially after my beloved comrades tried to heal me and almost put me six feet under. We travelled slowly into the blight, the happy halfling having rode off as suddenly as he had arrived and soon were in trouble again. This time, trapped in a mysterious desert created by some essence of chaos, where we wandered lost for hours until our wizard somehow overcame its fell aura and we re-emerged into reality only minutes after our seemingly endless torment had started.

We trooped on and gradually I began to feel somewhat better after some more healing the next night, but it was tough going. We eventually returned to more forested lands as the blight faltered and came upon a mysterious hermit filled with wise sayings and after some minutes of exchanging fortune cookie proverbs, left him none the wiser.* I also gained a curse from our helpful orange clad geezer, having merely wished the blessings of whatever gods he bothered to descend upon him. This after sticking up for him against those who suggested robbing / harming him, and yes I am talking about Snorri.

*He was wearing a robe of player irritation

We then came to a clearing that turned out to be full of the local elf population who thoughtfully offered Snorri a tour of the afterlife. For some reason though I was able to hit it off with their leader and we were welcomed to their glade. The elf leader even cleared up my little curse problem. We explained the whole situation to this band of helpful sprites and they recounted a tale of the orcs and their leader who had slain elves on his journey a hundred years before. They had also witnessed the secret ritual at the stones, which lay only hours away.

We managed to keep Snorri under control* and he enjoyed one of his traditional drinking contests during the evening and we learned much of what had happened in these parts. They knew of the Bloodaxe alliance and the treeman, and it turned out that body in the minotaurs cavern was kin to these wood elves and they gifted us several magic arrows in return for the personal trinkets we had found there, allowing me to retain the elven mail.

*He is quite capable of keeping a low profile

Most crucially, they described the gesture required to access the stones ritual, and the next morning guided by an elf we set off for them where our wizard performed the ritual with some aplomb. This had the somewhat unexpected and unwelcome side effect of raising a great many undead orc skeletons about the place and I somewhat lost track at this point, however, I am told that just as one of the mystic handouts had described we were able to pass through green fire into the circle to be transported …somewhere, the skeletons snapping at our heels. Now we stand alone, transported to who knows where, and surely to the very place where lies the fabled doomstone that we seek; one that created the blasted landscape of the blight and twisted lands; one that destroyed the wood elves’ best warriors when they pursued the possessed Orc Torgoch so many years before; and one that was the bane of so many dwarf folk before that.

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PostSubject: Re: Circle Of Fear   Thu 29 Jul - 15:09:20

And with a stone so powerful, the bloody orc leader better be dead in the permenant way, lest we lose our heads trying to recover this sacred stone
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Circle Of Fear
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