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 More Blighted Experiences

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PostSubject: More Blighted Experiences   Tue 20 Jul - 13:55:15

So we left Skippy's tomb grimly determined to put our savage experience behind us. We were back in the blight, where the stain of chaos spread like a creeping plague over the land. Trees seemed to follow our every move, strange sounds and cries echoed through the blasted landscape, pools of inky blackness corrupted clearings and beckoned with promises of a horrible death to all who entered. The river was solid with an icy blast that had frozen flora and fauna alike. We skirted the worst areas, but then came to a crystalline barrier that barred the way. Colours and fantastic reflections scrttered throught the prism like effects created by the unnatural formations and we picked our way across cautiously, having already suffered further injury at the hands of a giant eel like creature that had attacked from the depths of the river before being driven off by an impressive fusillade from our wizard. Half way across the crystal area several of us were struck by glittering beams of crystalline energy and Mr Smith was badly injured. We hobbled out to safety and encountered yet another hideous creature, a halfling named Fastbuck. He brought us a warning not to trust the very assailants who had weeks ago slain the prince we were escorting. Oops, a little bit of closing the stable door after the horse had bolted...

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More Blighted Experiences
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