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 Tiere im Samt

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Tiere im Samt   Tue 6 Jul - 17:08:44

Baron Von Micklenburg entered the wharfside watch station. His Green cloak made of the finest velvet and oozing his status as one of the Empires most powerful men. A reputation as an honourable and fair man, as well as a fine swordsman and judicial champion. Still such reputations were meaningless to Harry Kleindstein. But the woman that entered with the Baron was of interest to him. Her striking features, fine red hair and pale complexion, along with her beauty was enough to get his juices going, or any other man for that matter. But there was something about this woman that made him uneasy; and on looking around, his men too.

"You have a pain Mr Kleindstein" she said. Harry smirked, while thinking to himself, geez to they pay her for this kind of astute thinking or is her statement of the obvious supposed to put him at a disadvantage?
"Really, I'm a watch Captain, I take a beating for a living, so tell me do you have to have a university education to make such observations?"

A short pause, and Harry looked at the Baron to see him smile wryly.

"No you misunderstand me Mr Kleindstein. Your pain is in your past, emotional. What happened to your wife and Children?"

Harry was not expecting that, it boiled his blood immediately and he could not help his rage and leapt for the woman

"You filthy witch, I'll rip ya...."
The Baron and the other watchmen moved fast and had to use heavy force to pin Harry down, from harm to the woman and himself. The Baron then spoke next

"Mr Kleindstein, please calm down. My companion here is Rosanna Olphus, a scryer from the church of Verena. Please we mean no disrespect or harm to you. Now relax and allow me to explain the purpose of our visit".

Harry relaxed, and shoved the men off him before sitting down.

"Mr Kleindstein, you have a reputation for over aggressive force in your application of up-holding the city laws. Some may say you go beyond the law. However, none of this matters to me".

"So now you are going to read me my resume" Harry said with sarcasm.

Rosanna motioned his attention. "Mr Kleidstein, we are here to employ you for services to the city".

"The City already employs me maam"
""Ahh, but they do not allow you the privilages we will be giving you"
"Maam; what could you possibly offer me that I dont already have in my power"
Rosanna paused before she answered.
"Mr Kleindstein why do they call you Dirty Harry?"
"Miss Olphus, because I get the Dirty jobs done, what is this an Estalian Inquisition?"
Micklenburg interupted
"Harry! You will get a much dirtier job that you can imagine. You must be familliar with the ramblings of the "Beast" lately"
"Yeah what of it? Typical gangland reciprocity between the Fish and the Hooks, cummon, surely you dont want me to investigate the obvious?"
"Harry, let me level with you. Firstly you can call me Johanne, so that we have an even footing here. I know for a fact that you dont believe that this is a gang reciprocity series of murders. I read your initial reports. I also read the City Marshalls and Law Lords report."
Harry had a feeling he knew what was coming
"Oh I see, you want to rrest me and get me out of the way for upsetting some noble dick weed"
"No Harry. I don't believe this to be some mindless revenge murder, and I also believe that the other two woman are linked to this current one. There is a pattern that fits all three. I also believe tht the murder is no Beast"
"Baron, I know what you want from me, but are you prepared to accept the truth when it comes out? Or are you going to sweep it all under the carpet and put up some cover, "oh the butcehr did it"?
"Harry, let me assure you I will accept whatever truth you find"

"Good, Tiere im Samt!!!"

The silence was paletable. Von Micklenburg sighed and then went to leave. Before he exited he turned to Harry.
"What do you need?"
"At least four decent men, unattached to your or this city, no nobles. Oh and one more thing. I want her in the team too"
Everyone followed Harry's pointed finger at Rosanna

Rosanna left with the Baron.
"My Lord, what did he mean by Tiere im Samt?"

The baron hesitated before he answered.
"He means a noble is responsible for these murders. Beasts in Velvet"
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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Tiere im Samt   Tue 6 Jul - 17:20:08

Beast in Velvet will be the next adventure after the Doomstones campaign. The adventure takes place in Altdorf right in the middle of the Bridge Riots and the Countess Emmanuels visit to the city.

There is a wave of hysteria and pnaic accross the city. Recrimminations are thrown from one gang to another as woman associated with two of the cities underword leaders are being found brutally murdered. The word on the street is that "The Beast" has got them, but ot the Dock Watch it is no more than petty gang rivalries, mostly between the Fish and the Hooks.

Dock Captain Harry Kleindstein, however, believes the murders are all linked and not the work of some common criminal. He is about to be fired and imprisoned by the City Watch Commander for making such a proposturous hypothesis.

All this changes when Baron Von Micklenburg hires him to investigate the murders and reveal the truth before the city implodes on itslelf in a wave of "Beast" panic hysteria.

All Harry now requires is a few good men!!!!

The Adventurers are brought in to help Harry investogate the murders. But are these murders common revenge attacks, or is Harry right and they are al lpart of a far more sinister plot. The PC's will need to use all of their skills and wits if they are to solve the riddle of Beast in Velvet

Based on the Jack Yoevil book Beasts in Velvet - reading the book will not help you at all
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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Tiere im Samt   Wed 29 Sep - 13:30:01

development has now started with NPC's and the like underway. As a disucssion point is is likely that you will be starting with new characters (given the FP burn off rate in Doomstones) as it isunliley any of you will have a PC left after we complete the Doomstones. Actually I am slightly concerned that none of you will make it to the end of the campaign.

If you can obtain sourcebooks and info on Altdorf it would be advantageous as you will be expected to know the city. In particular the Dock areas and the Royal Palace will be of relevence. There will also be a few set pieces to watch out for and also the need to adjust to the WFRP V2 currency. IE if you got offered 10GC then that would be a lot of money, where the V1 books you find yourself marching around with hundred of GP's and consequently everything seems cheap.

The sort of info required should be available on-line so a bit of homework may be required
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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Tiere im Samt   Fri 29 Oct - 12:54:15

Current Development on this suggests it should be playble by next summer
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PostSubject: Re: Tiere im Samt   

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Tiere im Samt
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