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 A Watery Tomb

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PostSubject: A Watery Tomb   Wed 26 May - 13:49:18

Departing the Dwarves Tomb
Having triumphed over the beasts we scoured their temple for treasure and were rewarded with a skullful of coins. There was also a small blue gem which our wizard examined carefully but failed to identify, either as an object of magical usefulness or as one of the fabled doomstones. Still, he has it in his custody, so if he grows a second head weíll soon know. Managed to put my shoulder back in so Iíll be in shape for the next fight.

We scouted the rest of the complex finding more watery caverns but no trace of the departed beastmen so decided to make our way out to investigate some of the features rendered by our orc friend on his map. Emerging somewhat damp from the cavern, we were disturbed to find the belongings we had left outside strewn about, doubtless by enraged beastman. Of the lovely Ulrika there was no sign, though we did find an unidentifiable corpse torn to pieces by the fleeing beastmen*. Typical: Canít get properly loyal staff these days if you ask me. Getz was on the point of suggesting we bury the body for some reason, but luckily heís not a religious man, so we didnít.**

*Digger can be a little slow at times

**And quite callous apparently, but as he says, just because heís a miner and used to digging holes, carries a great big pick and is called Digger, doesnít mean that a disproportionate amount of grave excavating work has to come his way.

Leaving the twin riddle of Ulrikaís disappearance and the bloody cadaver behind us we forged on back to the road and followed it south, keeping the river away to our left. The road was mountainous and meandering along the line of least resistance to its ancient builders and at times it seemed doubtful it would take us further south at all.

We eventually met a traveller coming north. He turned out to be an outrider for a merchant caravan. We acquainted him with some of the local threats we had encountered but as a source of information he was of little use. When we met his caravan a little later, we had more luck.

The merchant, a halfling named Brandywine was friendly enough though he proved a hard bargainer in the few trades we attempted, all under the eye of 18 heavily armed mercenary guards. He counselled against us crossing the river where lay both of our probable destinations but did sell us a map with a few cautionary notes and camping tips. He scoffed at our tales of the Bloodaxe alliance but did furnish us with good quality mountain gear that depleted our hard won stock of gold.

We were left to ponder the wisdom of trying to reach the destinations shown by the map and of seeking out the doomstones that appeared to have already sown much death and destruction in their wake, so long ago, or possibly quite recently. Did we already possess one? If so, perhaps we have become unwitting targets for other questors already. Well, you know what they say; you canít be paranoid if they really are all out to get you.

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: A Watery Tomb   Fri 28 May - 12:49:19

My Lord

It appears, after some persuasive bargaining with a Halfling, that the intrepid adventurers have definately stumbled upon the ancient Orc trail. I doubt they realise what exactly the Doomstones are, but they definately appear to be looking.

I do not see the need for urgency, as they have remained hidden for centuries, there is little chance they will find them, if they even exist. In any case a a precaution I have made contingenies for such an event.

I anticipate their next move being to search the lone tower. I will keep you informed of my findings.
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A Watery Tomb
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