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 Dangerous Doings

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PostSubject: Dangerous Doings   Wed 19 May - 13:22:37

Peril Encountered despite our best efforts…

We returned boldly to the entrance chamber rand strode confidently across the bridge which collapsed. Oops. Chastened, wetter, and you’d think wiser, we moved out north to see what beastman-free mysteries awaited us. We discovered several rooms that ranged from rectangular squares to squarish rectangles, but when mapped by the superb penmanship of Mr Smith in no way resembled any part of the complex whatsoever.

We discovered a guardroom thoughtfully decorated by the contestants of the world graffiti artists finals which had apparently been held there a century before. The orcs with their free expression and somewhat direct style, contrasted with the dwarves slightly more beard gold and beer orientated view of reality.

Diggsy located another secret door after the obvious exit turned out to lead to an observation point overlooking the waterfall entrance and the lovely Ulrika. The room beyond was clearly a guard commander type chamber, the remnants of the furniture suggesting a higher class of occupant, though the orcs had clearly located this area too.

The empty chest in the room was just that, but behind it, yet another note to posterity by our surprisingly literate orc friends. This one had a map showing the area, including a ‘Towa’ nearby which appeared to be close by to the south east. If the crude sketch was to be believed, this keep appears worthy of future investigation. More reference to the doomstones in the text and an impassable magic door, presumably the ward we had already found.

Digger located the next secret door too, this one was more of a puzzler, leading to a small anteroom and another door. Why such a small chamber? Was this some form of airlock to contain something? Would opening one door seal the other? Surely this must be part of some devious entrapment device? Why did we have to find the answer to these questions?

Mr Smith opened the door revealing a temple with more of the trademark skulls beyond. That and seven beastmen. How lucky that we had avoided those two dangerous ones earlier, this was a far better situation. Still it could have been worse - there could have been a greater beastmen amongst them.

Instead, a mere five of them were of the greater variety. We all felt sudden urges to write notes to posterity in case they might be useful to cowardly adventurers a hundred years from now. But instead, we panicked and ran away.

At this point our fearless leader Mitchell rallied us with cries of inspiration, particularly, ‘They’re probably already behind us, we’d better make a stand here.’ The beastmen poured in and battle was joined. They had fearsome mutations: blades for arms, goats heads, acid spitting… the wizard opened up with a fusillade of magic darts, managing to hit Snorri and even the occasional beast.

Jon was injured as the second beast forced in allowing Digger to get involved. The beasts were giving as good as they got if not better with injuries being distributed amongst the party. Digger landed the killer blow on the heavily armoured leader then the wizard slept the second allowing Snorri to finish it off.

There were still plenty of opponents, especially as three lesser beasts now unsportingly emerged from behind us causing Snorri to divert to protect our rear. Smith was badly hurt but Digger was then disarmed by a crushing blow that enfeebled his right arm. It did not look good for our heroes. Snorri managed to slay the leading new arrival and Getz finished his opponent, but then two critically aimed magic darts turned the tables decisively, slaying a pair of greater beastman and the remaining four chaos spawned wretches fled. Smith, carried away with battle lust* pursued the pair into the temple and lashed out at the beastman’s unprotected back.

*And stupidity

Well I say unprotected back, apart from the thick spine covered armour and lashing spiked tail. Smith managed to impale his hand on the afore mentioned spines seriously injuring him.* So two characters seriously hurt despite some rapid healing, Ferg apparently disappeared and four beastmen plus still loose somewhere. Meanwhile our main treasure gains have been incomprehensible notes scrawled by a number of doomstone fixated individuals determined to make life difficult for their successors. It’s all going well.

*It’s feared that the Phantom may never tickle any ivories again with it

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Dangerous Doings
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