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 Mining Onward

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PostSubject: Mining Onward   Fri 14 May - 13:52:08

Whilst cleaning the dwarf's blood off the stake trap we reasoned that there must be another exit to this chamber for the trap to have been left operating. Sure enough we found a secret exit that led us to a cavern overlooking a lower level where a pair of beastmen sentries were smoking. No of course they weren't gathered round sharing a pipe like civilised folk, their smoking was of the kipper variety and the dreadful aroma filled the cavern.

Being a bunch of wimps, we crept past although managing to sound like a fully laden tinker dancing a hornpipe at times, but fortunately an all fish diet is obviously bad for the ears and we passed unheard. Forging on ignoring several side passages, we eventually reached a dead end where a dead dwarf mage lay sprawled in a doorway, an ancient spell of warding still protecting the entrance. Our friend Mr Smith hit upon a way of disarming it, matching and then closing the corpse's splayed fingers from which the spell emanated.

A parchment in the dwarf's belt contained the now traditional message that people in this complex appear inclined to start writing if they fear that they are near death. If any of us start to write little messages for the distant future we'll know that we are in trouble. This dwarf also talked of the doomstones and his son who had left seeking help. Sadly it was clear that this was the unfortunate corpse we had found previously half way down the cliff.

There was also some gold and powerful healing compound which sorted out our wounded dwarf comrade, Snorri. We then tracked back and examined the other passages, Skippy first obviously. One put us further upstream of the underground river, but none of us fancied another dip. Other passages were dead ends leaving us the heroic option of taking on the smokey beastmen or retreating back to the entrance and striking out in a new direction.

Ignominiously slinking off into the darkness with our craven tails between our legs or heroically engaging the despicable corruption of chaos head on in glorious combat? Well for us there could only be one choice.

We snuck back to the entrance with the remains of the old winch assemblies and girded our loins to check out the other direction. Good to see us upholding the finest traditions of fearless crusading for what is right.

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PostSubject: Re: Mining Onward   Mon 17 May - 16:54:21

I love the way all of these characters always leave those messages, hell even the orcs do. Who were they expecting???

"My dear predecessor. My Devine God, in whatever name you may now choose to call him, has given me the wisdom to write out a cryptic note to tell every god fosaken heretic, brgand and treasure hunter my exact thoughts and intentions of my coming doom. Should you find this message then one of two things has occured

1: I am dead and you, yes the bastard or bitch reading this very document, has come to rob my rotting carcus of anything of value

2: I am alive and well, it is only a matter of days or months since I wrote this incriminating pice of evidence and have carelessley misplaced it here for you to find.

In either case I thought it a worhty cause to help you trace the events of the year 2412 lalalala

Yours sincerely

Soon to be dead person
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Mining Onward
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