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 Waterfall Events

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PostSubject: Waterfall Events   Wed 28 Apr - 13:48:08

A Bit of Climbing And Paddling

Party seemed a bit preoccupied, almost as if not everyone was quite in the zone but we ploughed on south nonetheless. I was anxious to get some good earth over my head I can tell you and sure enough we came upon the promised waterfall in short order. I shinned up the cliff face almost making it to the ledge apart from the moment when I fell and nearly broke my bleeding neck.

Any way, wasn’t going to let a setback like that put me off: I made it second attempt and Mr Smith followed me up. Elf boy then fell as he tried the climb and we decided to use our blankets tied together as a rope. This worked brilliantly apart from the couple of times the knots parted and the climbers fell and nearly broke their bleeding necks. And of course the amusing moment when the bloke throwing the rope to me nearly brained me with the rock he’d tied it to.

Eventually the somewhat battered party was safely at the top and with a cheery wave to Ulrika who stayed below we waded into the dark. We had just caught sight of a portcullis when the current got the better of several of us, and all but Mr Smith and the wizard were swept away and out of the cave adding a briefly chunky texture to the waterfall and of course, nearly breaking our bleeding necks again.

Roping ourselves together and positioning two party members at the cave mouth to catch any floundering party members we discovered that the trusty blanket ropes were effective and we made it to the cavern beyond the portcullis.

Here we discovered a charred bridge* connecting a north and south exit. There were also a couple of heavy winches, no doubt designed for winching dwarves up into the caves. We found stairs up at both exits and plumped for the southern one, passing a sinister beastman skull which I steered well clear of.

*From Somerset no doubt

Pressing on, we found a wrecked dining room and a scrawled orcish account that babbled of traitors and dwarves and doomstones.* There was the inevitable kitchen area and then Snorri, our good dwarven friend decided to carefully examine the trap protecting the armoury. He did this by enjoying the full ‘being struck by a swinging wooden beam experience when you open the door’ approach, egged on it has to be said by Mr Smith.

*Obviously orcs are well known for their habit of writing everything down and great literary works.

Pretty much a dead end then and we’ve gathered an impressive new set of injuries and bruises without actually fighting any thing or achieving very much. So pretty much business as usual then.

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Waterfall Events
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