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 Nuln: A New Beginning

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PostSubject: Nuln: A New Beginning   Tue 20 Apr - 13:18:13

Nuln: The Beginning

Confirmation follows of my verbal report sent with my agent earlier.

The Baron’s message reached Getz successfully, there followed a delay however owing to the unforeseen ignorance of the mercenary. This should of course have been anticipated, after all we had all seen the reports on Mitchell Getz when he was selected but who could have guessed that education standards would have fallen so low in the Empire? We trailed him to the university where he met an apprentice wizard. We have a full dossier in preparation, but his name is Carstein Von Haupmark. Nothing on file, initial impressions are that he’s young and inexperienced. He accompanied our man from the university to the rendez-vous and appears to be committed to the project.

Our agent with the baron at the time was able to get in close enough to overhear the conversation in the High Peaks tavern. The old dog certainly reeled them in with his story and a vastly inflated offer; all the same it’s shocking how gullible today’s generation of adventurers can be. They even swallowed the old doppelganger bit. The almost deserve what’s coming to them.

Any way, they left to gather a force act as escort on the road south. They went to see the elf envoy, Ferg who surprisingly agreed to join them: Perhaps he is as tired of his duties in Nuln as his enemies have been whispering of late. He signed on for 15%, though our eavesdropper couldn’t quite work out what it was 15% of. It sounded more like Ferg thought he’d be selling something at first, our man felt at the end that Ferg thought he was getting 15% of the party’s fee and his employers thought he was getting 15% value of what he negotiated. Odd, as he was to negotiate the lowest possible fees for the additional troops. Possible point of conflict within the party – note for future exploitation.

The elf then started to earn his keep, whatever that is, signing up an ex soldier down on his luck. Named Ulrich, he’ll need divine help with the lot he’s fallen in with. If he thought he was down on his luck before…he’s practically paying them to take him along. Let’s hope he never finds out what the true (and I use the word loosely of course) offer on the table was. Still I doubt he’ll live long enough to regret his mistake.

The elf next tracked down one of our old friends. You’ll recall we have quite a file on this one. The thief you will remember who amusingly thinks that by calling himself a very common Albion name ‘John Smith’ he’ll blend in anonymously in a city that probably sees about two visitors from that gods forsaken island in a decade. His Albion accent is rubbish too. It’s almost touching the naïveté of some of these aspiring master criminals. ‘The phantom:’ Phantom Menace more like. The elf played hardball with him but was more generous, making a much better offer than to the poor schmuck Ulrich. No doubt he recognised that tastier bait would be required, but topped it off with a threat to turn him in. Good to see everything getting established on the basis of mutual trust. Our job gets easier and easier.

Then they picked up a down and out miner at the masons guild. He was cheap and cheerful too. Looks quite a hard nut but not quite sure what to make of him. Early soundings show he’s well known in mining circles but what they see in him is anyone’s guess. They paid his bar tab and he came along no questions asked. Our official contacts indicate he is as they say, known to the watch but nothing of any interest. Quite where he thinks he’s going is anyone’s guess, the first thing he did was buy a canary on his expenses, apparently he refuses to go anywhere without one. Got an odd accent, from a
place called Oz but no one seems to know quite where that is. Name of Digger Tracey, AKA Diggs or Diggsy.

The party have been equipping themselves with armour weapons and provisions. The up front expenses payments may have been generous but they are quite poorly equipped, nonetheless as the stuff they really lack is expensive and or rare. Fortunately for us this means any decent weapons or armour basically. The Baron has promised them horses and heavy equipment. Our friend the phantom couldn’t resist a bit of thieving and had to leg it – as usual he’s not quite as good as he thinks he is. Did get away with no trouble but you’ve got to say it was time for him to be getting out. If it weren’t for what he’s got into you’d say he was doing the right thing.

We missed the last recruitment (so far) but they’ve also taken on a dwarf. A gaoler named Snorri. He’s currently suspended after losing a prisoner in an unfortunate incident involving his axe and a misunderstanding about respect for authority. Another miscreant to add to the list.

Hardly a formidable force then but that seems to be it despite the old Baron suggesting ten to twenty bodyguards would be necessary. Maybe they couldn’t understand that fake Kislevian accent he does. In any case they are due to move out at 12 tomorrow. That concludes my report for the moment, usual monitoring is in place overnight, we’ll make no move until your order.

Long live the Prince!

A. 16.4.10
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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Re: Nuln: A New Beginning   Fri 30 Apr - 10:35:29

My Lord

It appears your ruse to intercept the message to Prince Maximillian of Voduvdan worked. The Prince is now dead, at your bequest, no less, and the party in company has dissipated into the Vaults Mountains. As for our own war band, my Lord I fear that Orcs may have ravaged them. However, knowing they died in battle, their souls will be granted a place in Morrs realm for sure.

My agents in the mountains report that the hired party have happened upon their own journey. It would appear they are antique hunters of sorts. My sources say that after the Orcs interrupted our attem,pted bribes, they ran deep into the Vaults mountains where they happened upon an acient trail that they have decided to follow. I believe they will find nothing more than broken trinkets and worthless pieces of pottery, but we shall keep them under an eagle eye at all times my Lord.

A story of amusement my Lord, it appears this adventuring party fancy themselves as heroes. Rare and unusual techniques were employed in order to gain entrace into some abandoned cave complex behind a waterfall. My men report many amusing moments as they foolishly tackled this complex. They have left their camp follower on guard, with nothing more than harsh language and bad breath to defend their belongings should we feel it necessarry to lighten their load.

Nothing furthere to report my Lord, we will continue to monitor their activities, for we cannot afford them to return to the Empire and inform their own greedy Lords of the happenings of our lands. A war with the Empire is not recommended my Lord

Yours Faithfully

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Nuln: A New Beginning
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