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 Crossing the Border

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Crossing the Border   Sat 17 Apr - 19:22:23

This adventure campaign sees Mitchell Ghetts, a Mercenary who has returned from several years service in Bretonia, approached by a Baron from the Southern Lands.

After a brief interview, it appears this Baron wants Mitchell to form a mercenary group to protect Prince Maximillian of Vidovdan, the Border Princes, on a journey from Nuln, to Vidovdan, venturing through Black Fire Pass.

The journey is supposed to be simple and safe as it will be using the known Dwarf Trade Route into the Vaults Mountain. But if this were the case, why would they offer such a high remuneration for the service? Mitchell guesses that the Baron and Prince will want to hire them for assistance in the coming civil war that seems imminent in Vidovdan.

Mitchell agrees to the offer and promptly sets off around Nuln to recruit his party. He hires 6 men for the job, all with varying back grounds

Carstein von Hauptmark, an apprentice Wizard and learned academic. You never know when that kind of skill may be required.

Ferg, and Elf Envoy, hired for his skills on paper. Ferg is effectively Mitchells contracts manager and deals with all the fine details, like seeing that they all get paid their rightful monies. Ferg's reputation in Nuln is second to none.

Jon Smith, a calndestant man if ever there was one. But his trickery and numismatics as well as his ability to con men is seen as valuable to Mitch and Ferg and so has been offered the job, by foul means, as the advisor to the party.

Spencer "Digger" Tracey is a unemploted Miner from the Black Mountains. His role as guide has more value to Mitch than he first realises. Life in the mountains can be treacherous at best, and an expert in these conditions is just what they need.

Ulric is a Soldier from the Wissenland Infantry. Ferg sizes Ulric up as a deserter in seconds and uses it to employ him for the mission in hand. Ulrics skill with a sword could mean the difference between life and death for the entire expedition.

Snorri is a near disgraced Dwarf. By Dwarf standards he has done nothing wrong. Smashing an inmate over the head with a hand axe 17 times for telling you your beard is too short is a perfectly acceptable response in Dwarf customs. However, given the choice of the chopping block or a perilous journey in the Vaults mountains, it took only seconds for Snorri to decide. The Vaults better be reaydy for Snorri
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Crossing the Border
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