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 Mitchells' 7

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Mitchells' 7   Sat 17 Apr - 19:05:29

Mitchell Ghetts

Some are destined for greatness, some have it thrust upon them, and some are neither destined or thrust into greatness. It is the later of these that Mitchell falls into. A Mercenary for hire, Mitchell has specialised in being a hired sword in the Bretinian Kingdom, mainly because the Duc's and Lords their have a comeplete lack of respect for the peasant classes and value the skills of a man who will kill them for a pretty penny without remorse.

Unfortunately, Mitch has a knack of losing his earnings fast on the gambling tables. A game of chance that saw him in debt to a rival Duc meant he decided to get out of Bretonia real fast and figured somewhere a long, long way away was a smart career move. So off to Nuln it was, and yes he is now down to his last 7GC's after gambling on the river boats; and losing.

A Baron from the Border Princes has been asking after him during the last few weeks and today an invite to meet him for something advantageous has been hand delivered. But what and why??

Carstein von Hauptmark

Originally from Wissenburg, Carstein has been enroilled in the University of Nuln to study the fina arts of Magic. More likely his family wanted riddence of him and what better way to get rid of him then a scholarship. Now nearing the end of his degree, he hasn't exactly been a model student, but none the less is still incredibly gifted with the Aethyric Arts. The Dean of the University ahs said he can only have his degree and license if he does some worldly travel (mainly he is hoping Carstein will get himself killed or the attention of the Witch Hunters). A chance meeting in the University Library with a man who intriduces himself as Mitchell Ghetts appears to have opened the window of opportunity for Carstein.


A Wood Elf Envoy, Ferg has grown tired of City life and is longing to hit the road again. Whilst drinking his last shcnapps on his account, before he runs without paying, two men enter the Mithril Challice Country Club and ask him to be there manager of contracts for a dangerous mission to the Border Princes. Now this sounds just like what Ferg needs. Ferg wastes no time in agreeing to be their manager, for a fee of course!


Part of the Elector Count of Wissenlands Army, but bored due to the Civil War ending near on 3 years ago, Ulric decides to go AWOL. After all, who wil miss one infantryman? Making it to Nuln, Ulric is spied by 3 strangers who offer him a dangerous job to the Border Princes. This area is known for danger and to the victor, many spoils of war. It has to be better than daily drills and guard duty for an army with no battles to fight. And they are paying him 18GC's, I'll be rich he says. Of course, he will also be dead if the Counts Officers ever catch him.

Jon Smith

Jon never gives his real name, and none know of his true nature as the Phantom - scourge of the rich and famous. But an Elf Envoy who has somehow worked out his true identity and blackmailed him into a dangerous mission to the Border Princes. Still, it sounds like your skills will be well disposed of and things are starting to get hot in Nuln, so it could be just the thing he needs right now.

Spencer Von Tracey

Digger Tracey to his mates, but he doesn't have any. A Miner by trade but he cant keep his hands to himself and nearly always gets caught. It is for this reason that he is currently unemployed and seeking new employment in the Guildhouse. So it comes as a relief when a party offers him a job as guide for a journey into the Black Fire Pass. Strewth, those fellas must be mighty crazy to venture the outback this time of year. Well Im no fool, so I reckon I can lead you fellas safely through the pass. Just make sure the pay is good and that there is planty of good tucker, and if possible, some good Sheilas too.


The Dwarf Gailor is busy drinking himself to oblivion in the Drowned Rat and contemplating the Slayers path. He has been suspended and facing charges over an accident involving one of the inmates. After the so called Big Boss in Munsden Keep, Albrecht Carpony (Al Capone to his lackeys) insulted his beard lenght, he was said to have had an accident with a rather large axe. Snorri cant explain how he accidentally cracked his skull with it 17 times, and claims he is innocent, even though 35 inmates and 3 prison guards all heard him say "I'm glad I killed the B*****d"
Nearly deciding that the Slayers path is for him, his saviours walk in and offer him a job of great peril in the Border Princes. The journey will be through Black Fire Pass and into the Vaults Mountains. This time of year there is usually orcs. Good, plenty of opportunity to use my axe, or die trying - I'm in
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Mitchells' 7
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