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 In Nuln we shall find our destiny

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: In Nuln we shall find our destiny   Fri 16 Apr - 19:06:50

It is the year of our Emperor and God, Sigmar, 2516, nearly 3 years since the terrible civil war that nearly destroyeds our beloved Empire.

Emporer Heinrich Todbringer still rules after his unusual ascention to the throne - a Son of Ulric ruling in Sigmars House. The heroes of the day are now little known. What happened to them, where they went is mostly a mystery. Of those brave fellows only Hans Peter Schiller and Sir Mordakai of the Knights Panther, Star of Kislev can be found.

Hans Peter is now the High Lord of the Illusionist Discipline,while Sir Mordakai still resides in Middenheim, and is a known VIP Fan of the Middenheim 69ers. As for the rest, Sam Vines went missing after he sold up his tavern and went on quest to return Drengi Daemonsbanes remains to the Dwarf Kingdoms. The Elf, Calin, returned to the Lothleloren Forests, never to be seen again and Lil, she went missing on the Bretonian/Empire Frontier. No sign of her wherabouts, and the Knight Sir Mordakai abandoned his search after he reported unusual goings on in the Frugelhorn Valley.

But now the centre of adventure awaits new victims, and Nuln appears to be the centre for finding such willing victims. For ubeknownst to them, a centuries old legend is about to stir once more....for in the Old World there can be no peace.
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Lord Payne


Number of posts : 628
Registration date : 2007-05-01

PostSubject: Re: In Nuln we shall find our destiny   Sat 17 Apr - 18:33:38


The last few months had been hectic for Mitchell, so much so he had travelled from Bretonia, up the Great River Reik to his current destination of Nuln. Seeking new employment as a mercenary to whoever will pay his fee, a 20GC standard service fee and then risk pay on top. Of course this was really just a means fo subsidising his gambling habit, something he wasn't particularly good at.

The last few weeks of unsuccessful job seeking in Nuln had taken its toll. Down to his last few crowns and a healthy paranoid attitude just for good measure. You could be forgiven for thinking he owed some heavy debts. To the contrary, infact he had been hearing that some Southerners had been asking about him. Several sources, mostly ladies of negotiably affections, and inn keepers, had let it slip that these Southerners were seemingly very interested in him. Personal questions, family, past, travelling companions, guildmasters, current occupation, what the last job paid, trustworthyness and if he is any good with a weapon.

Getting ready to leave real fast, Mitchell is suddenly issued with an invite notice from one Baron Sigrid Pavlovic. The young urching had clearly been paid to know nothing. Just one problem for Mitchell...he cant read so Sigmar only knows what it said. The friendly bar keep advised a visit to the university library, after all, there must be someone there that can read - Surely!

It took Mitchell several hours to locate the library, not the university - that was easy. Well being a typical man of the swird, there was no way Mitchell was asking for directions. Having found the Library, he quickly demonstrated his complete disregard for Library etiquette and proclaimed his entry in true fashion...loud.

With only one person in the Library of anynote, he quickly introduced himself to the stranger, who would in turn announce himself as Carstein Von Hauptmark an apprentice of the Aethirical Arts. Sounded wonderful to Mitchell, but all he really wanted to know is if the fellow could read. Carstein quickly realised what he was dealing with, and having been told his degree was on the condition of travelling the Empire to gain the experience of life, he quickly offered his services up to Micthell as an academic advisor and council. After reading out the invite, Mitchell thought that this offer may be worth considering, and so invited Carstein van der whatshisname to join him at this meeting.

So the High Peaks Tavern it was. Well on this count at least Mitchell wasn't going to look out of place on his own, as Carstein also showed his complete disregard for etiqeutte and both men showed up porly dressed. You think the clue may have been in the title. Anyway, after nearly being ejected from the premisis, Mitchell mentioned the magic words, Sigfrid. This password got them a guided passage to the Barons table, where he was making shor work of some Estalian Pino Greegoto Red Wine.

Giving them the once over, he quickly worked out that one of them must be the infamous Mitchell Ghetts. He offers them a job of protecting the Prince Maximillian of the Principality of Vidovdan (Border Princes). The mission, to escort the Prince back to the Border Princes state so that he can stop his brother from usurping the throne. All they have to do is babysit the schmuck for a few weeks safe passage to the princes, using the old dwarven route through Black Fire Pass. Not exactly difficult and far beneath your status, until he mention smoney.

100GPs now, 300 on arrival and 75 for immediate provisions supply and money to hire a bunch of mercenaries for the task. Plus much more if you agree to take part in any conflict once in Vidovdan. These guys must be desperate. Hell, usually Mitchell would struggle just to get a 20GC service fee. This job was paying 475GCs for a efw weeks. Thats more than most would earn in a lifetime. "Done my good sire" and promptly agreed to meet by ther Reiks Platz the next morning by high noon.

Time to get my team together he thought. Well, with the possibility of lots of work in the Border Princes, especially with a Prince on your resume I need a contractor, though Mitchell. Bugger me if i know who is Prince maxamakemeamillion, he is payig good and im not asking questions.

Mitchell remembered hearing that the best dealmaker in the city was an Elf Envoy named Ferg. His usual wherabouts tended to be in the Mithril Challice Country Club. So time to seek our manager as it were he thought.

It didn't take too much effor to identify the Elf, he was the only elf in the establishment. "I understand you are good at making deals" said Mitchell. "You understand correct" came the reply, with the arrogance befitting of an Elf from the Lotherloren Forests. "Good your hired" said Mitchell. "For what" asked Ferg. Well at least this is how Mitchell rememebrs the job interview going, Others will disagree over the finer points of the dialogue

Ferg advised hiring someone with the cunning an guile that knows how the sumbag Princes of the southern states operate. So a trip to the Reiks PLatz to find just the kind of scum they are after. And scum they found, a soldier, clearly AWOL, by the name of Ulric (gee, theres an original name for a soldier) and a creative procurement manager called JonSmith, apparantly trying to start his own Ale Brewery.

Next on the list Mitchell needed someone that knows the mountains. So off to the Mason and Metalworkers guild to find themselves a miner. For whatever reason, he hired a miner called Digger, who had a strage accent. If that was not enough to make your feckles rise then what is?

Finally a trip to the "Drowned Rat" to get themselves more hired muscle. A Dwarf Gailor called Snorri. Apparantly killed an inmate for insulting him. The judicial system in Nuln looks dimly on its own Gailors carrying out random executions, even if they are scum and probably deserve it. It turns out that the insult was that Snorris beard was too short. Well, Mitchell thought, if this is how he deals with someone for saying his beard is too short, then he is just the kind of psychopath we need.

And so he had formed Mitchells' Seven (kind of like Blakes 7, only thousands of years earlier).

Just how this partywould get on with each other was another thing entirely, and to be honest, Mitchell mused to himself, with any luck they will get killed on the journey so he wont have to worry about them, as long as he makes it there alive - the world is his oyster (not that Mitchell knows what an oyster is).

The adventure continues in Crossing the Border Part 2: Good riddence to the Empire and all its kind

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In Nuln we shall find our destiny
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