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 The Rules we play

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PostSubject: The Rules we play   Thu 18 Mar - 18:01:22

WFRP Has changed quite a bit over the years. It is now in it's 3rd incarnation released on license to Fantasy Flight games (Along with Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader 40k roleplay).

However, unlike the 40k roleplay sytem that was purchased and kept in its original rules, the WFRP rules have been changed yet again. A new character system and play system (That against my principle I have to say looks to be the best system I have seen so far) that uses cards, counters and pull out maps. However, at 80 for the boxed edition, I wont be rushing out to but it, especially as WFRP V2 is only 5 years old (Boy aren't I glad I didn't rush out and buy all the new rules books)

Rochford WSGC uses a hybrid of Version 1 & 2 combined. The reason for this is that we started platying about a year before V2 was released and were well underway with the Enemy Within Campaign. Bein gfar too much effort to convert we kept our characters, but used the easier rules sytem of V2 in areas such as skills, magic and combat, where even V1 characters can be used.

Also, most of the adventures campaigns we have (and we do have alot of them to get through) are the V1 advantures, Lichmaster, Drakenfells, Doomstones parts 1-5, Dying of the Light, TEW parts 1-5 and Deaths Dark Shadow (quite a good money maker for Ebay if I ever get bored)

This gives me quite an advantage as GM, as the players will not be 100% certain what rules I am using and when, which means they have to shut up and accept whatever I tell them. Fellow GM's will always appreciate it how annoying it becomes when PC's start telling you how the rules work just to save them from a wound point in combat. However, dont confuse this with me not wishing to have player input - infact some of our best "House Rules" have come about owed to the PCs suggesting something that I thought, "Yeah - Why not".

WFRP is a Monday night game for us, with only a few hours per session. Maybe we will alternate it with Dark Heresy, but one thing at a time for now
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The Rules we play
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