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 Preliminary assessment

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Preliminary assessment   Fri 24 Jul - 13:42:34

So my Acolytes are no won Iocanthos. With the suspicious nature of this assignment and the potential for Herasy to present itself, i feel this mission could bring out the best of their abilities.

There is still an alarming issue with what has been discribed as internal animosity and it is with this in mind I shall have to appoint a leader amongst them. He will carry my authority, and disobedience to him will be disobedience to me, which in turn is to disobey his most Holy name. The punishment for which we are all more than aware.

On the positive side of things, reports have got back to me suggesting that they now consider survival a fundamental requiement in order to complete his Holy Work. Such things as order of Medicae and ammunitions has been reported evident. I now need to convert this new found survival instinct into combat proficiency. Tactics and quick thinking are next on my requirement so f development. Indeed their slow wit in combat situations will be the death of them.

I will await feed back from the seer Aristarchus before I take further action. Perhaps I need not worry about these seemingly hopeless lambs to the slaughter just yet

Ordo Hereticus
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Preliminary assessment
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