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 New planet to ravage

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PostSubject: New planet to ravage   Tue 21 Jul - 10:52:47

Mission Report

Sierra one niner Juliet zero Nine

Threat Level

Indigo Amber Seven

Feedback from our inquisitor was, well let’s be generous and call it mixed. Apparently we displayed courage, to the extent that it could easily be confused with foolhardiness. Quint’s alleged noble blood appears so deeply submerged that there seems some doubt in our Inquisitors mind as to his true identity. Our mission to Scintilla has been put on hold and we are being diverted to the less than entrancing world of Iocanthus.

Our briefing delivered in the usual fashion lacked only the ‘This data will self destruct in five seconds’. It informed us that we would join the Brazen Sky, a trader diverted for the purpose of delivering us to the world’s principal, ok only, spaceport. The imaginatively named Port Suffering. Disturbances have brought a plea for inquisitorial assistance as the consecration of St Drusus Cathedral nears. We are to assist Seer Aristarchus, gathering data on the wave of disappearances, mysterious events, animal attacks, unexplained lights and other phenomena. Phantom sounds, telekinetic disturbances and walls weeping blood are amongst further highlights awaiting us. Having identified any threats, we are to ensure that they are removed and nothing interferes with the dedication. On the down side, Aristarchus is to have authority over us. Hmmm.

Missionary zealot the Abbott Orlan Skae is behind the construction of the cathedral. Known as the prelate, we are looking forward to his full co-operation and support.* The planet itself sounds near Utopian: Having been added to the Imperium by the afore mentioned St D, it has a violent feudal system centring on whichever warlord has the muscle to deliver the biggest tithe of the planet’s one and only raison d’etre. Ghost fire pollen is harvested for conversion into blood lust inducing drugs that help those long winter evenings fly by for troops out on the rim. It’s probably why there are more psykers than you might expect. Current big cheese is Vervai Skull, who sounds like another person on the ‘avoid at all costs when visiting our planet’ list.

*Because that like, always happens. Am I right or am I right?

Good King Skull rules over a society built on might is right and the Imperium has little interest in such details. He rules over a mish mash of the defeated natives (Ashleen) and descendants of prisoners transported to the planet over the centuries. The only other point of interest: The existence of the Abbey of Dawn, home to a religious order, the Soritus Sisterhood. One wonders what they think of a new rival cathedral in town.

Transferring to the comfort of the Brazen Sky we at least run into a trader, Sebek, who sells us a couple of laser pistols and ammo to bolster our meagre armoury. We are also getting a flavour of the way the warlike society generates conflict which in some way propagates the growth of the drugs. Oh and did I mention our new addition? Njal Stormcaller joins our team as Pysker. Just as well as Quint is still recovering after sustaining serious injuries in the mine.

Arriving after a few days we transfer to a lighter and enjoy a roller coaster ride to the planet surface during which friend Hikog* empties his stomach contents over the inside of the cabin. Nice. It’s a hot planet, crowded and dusty, and we get the usual official greeting where the inquisitorial seal buys a lot of ‘Have a nice days’. A servitor ‘bot leads us towards a compound, home to Aristarchus. En route the convalescing Quint notices some undue interest being paid by blue and white tattooed heavies who start to follow us through the crowded streets.

*First name, don’t laugh, Jigolo. Still could has been worse – Wild Bill Hikog for example

Before we can get too worried, though many of our hands have already slid to our butts* another half naked madman variation on the blue lightning tattoo theme leaps out at Eliminster who has a second to react: Is this

*Yes the butts of our weapons you bunch of pervs.

a) A harmless madman, who has spent his entire life waiting for the moment when he can leap out and give us a few clues?
b) A typical example of what the Iocantan Tourist board brochure calls ‘Charming local characters expressing traditional greeting rituals’?
c) A local tradesman soliciting our business?
d) A local male prostitute overcome by Eliminster’s obvious charms
e) A chaos daemon* cunningly disguised as a harmless old man

*Doubtless called Matt

Eliminster brilliantly deduces that option e is the only choice, and reacts appropriately, testing his new las pistol on the harmless madman’s* arm.

*Sorry chaos daemon’s arm

The madman just manages to get out something about us being fools,* forecasts that the hills will run with blood before he notices that he is in fact quite dead. The following party of local clubbers are encouraged to react and charge towards us, armed with, that’s right, clubs. They run into a hail of fire and two or three are hit by Quint, Hikog and Eliminster. One at least won’t be getting up again, then local law enforcement arrives and we all explain how we are victims of a vicious unprovoked attack. Fortunately Eliminster is hobbling badly and that along with our Inquisitorial seal outweighs our attackers’ blood and brains spread all over the alley. Plus of course they are just natives. One of them tells us that ‘the wise ones have seen darkness from afar.’ Who are the wise ones? The Sisters? Our enemy at any rate, and presumably whoever is seeking to obstruct the cathedral is now obstructing us.

*Ok so maybe not that mad
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New planet to ravage
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