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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Iocanthos   Wed 15 Jul - 13:17:44

My Friend and indeed distant relative in the lineage of the Great St Drusus, Aristarchus has requested the help of the Ordo Inquisition.

The mission should be fairly routine and under normal circumstances perhaps does not require Inquisitional appearance, but it is felt our presence will stem any Heretical thoughts that may be ingrained.

Given my recent Acolytes rather lack lustre performance on Sepheris Secondus, I have decided they will fulfill this request and hopefully prove that they will not become an embarrasment to our Ordo. Ideally I woul have already diverrted them to more serious matters, but I feel that they require one more test before I commit them to serious work.

The Abbot of Stern Hope, based on Iocanthos has become concerned that individuals may pose a threat ot the opening of the New Cathedral to celebrate St Drusus Day. As such he has requested our aid to witness and stiffle any heretical activity that may occur. I have made arrangements for the Acolytes cruiser - The Equilibrium, to be intercepted and transfer them to the Brazen Sky. From there they will be taken to Port Suffering, Iocanthos only space port and then arrangements have been made for them ot be safely delivered to Stern Hope.

Administratum presence on Iocanthos is reletively low, but it has been historically proven that our presence is not required due to the certain tithe they produce and the consequences that will occur should it not be delivered.

I trust my Acolytes to this simple task, and send additional manpower to support them in this.

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