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 Revolt on Secundus

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PostSubject: Revolt on Secundus   Tue 14 Jul - 10:32:24

Sierra 1-2-Juliet zero Nine
Threat level: Delta Amber Five

Having received operational briefing on the Sepheris Secondus situation the four of us reviewed the position whilst taking the opportunity for introductions. The briefing made clear that the serf miners of the planet probably had much cause for discontent if they were foolish enough to lose their focus on HIS glory. The puzzling aspect of the briefing was how the serfs had shown such resistance to the interdicting Imperial forces.

Reporting as ordered to the planet’s surface our team was left at the drop off point close to the field HQ established by a regiment of the 97th infantry. The detachment was in poor shape; evidence of demoralisation, casualties, poor discipline and degraded equipment was immediately obvious. At this point I will take moment to review our resources: Apart from me, fellow cleric Eliminster seems a dependable type, if less than skilled with weaponry. Quint, or possibly Ulth shows promise; at least, if he is half as fast with his gun as with his mouth he’ll get the drop on anyone. Impetuosity is something he could possibly achieve if he slows down by a factor of five, and I would like to take the opportunity to use the phrase; ‘Quint made a considered decision’ as I will certainly not be needing it again in one of these reports, even if our mission lasts for the next thousand years. Last and possibly least, Hiklog, or as he quickly became affectionately know, Scum. Quiet, and you know what they say about the quiet ones.

Greeted somewhat sloppily by elements of the so called fighting 97th on landing, we proceeded to meet their Commissar, who showed every sign of disappointment at our appearance. One suspects he had expected a full inquisitorial taskforce to be placed at his disposal. He gave no explanation for his unit’s failure to deal with a simple insurrection beyond what was already clear to us on surveying the disorganised rabble that was masquerading as part of one of HIS legions. Having met with unexpected resistance of indeterminate nature, our forces had withdrawn, quarantined the mine area and called for Inquisitorial support. One really wonders what our troops are for if their commanders take this attitude.

His report did give cause to suspect that something beyond simple rebels dissatisfied with their lot had been encountered in the Shatters, the deepest part of the mine. We demanded equipment to carry out a reconnaissance and were issued with a rope, four frag grenades and four torches. With such support we were tempted to invite his forces to immediately withdraw as clearly with such an arsenal we could probably have subjugated every system within a dozen parsecs. I was tempted to begin an informal inquisition right then and there but the mission priority took precedence and I decided that the search for heresy would be better served by assessing the threat in the mines. First.*

*Nevertheless I have forwarded a preliminary assessment under separate cover of the Commissar, a Private second class Yertz, Sergeant Reynard and the Regimental Quartermaster together with my companions. The file on Quint is rather bulky and you should ensure adequate memory is available before download

We entered the mine through a sealed entrance and proceeded without difficulty through the upper levels where reports indicated our forces had met little resistance, and that futile. We crossed a couple of crevasses that we came across without incident.* Despite our bruises, other injuries and damaged equipment suffered during the incidents that were not worth mentioning, we continued undaunted, guided by the map scanner provided to take us to the combat zone. This was an excellent aid to us as it cut out lots of unnecessary arguing and prevarication that surely would have wasted much of our time had we not had it. One can only imagine how much fruitless discussion and argument we would have had to endure, especially from Quint, if we had not had the map.

*Well, none worth mentioning

Signs of the conflict that had ravaged the caverns intensified as we went deeper; Discarded equipment, blast damage, and increasingly, rebel bodies left to rot where they fell as traitors deserve. We passed through water filled tunnels that contained nameless horrors, some of which brushed all too close to our intrepid band. We then reached a large cavern, filled with columns, seemingly endless. Our technology failed us, and we trusted in HIS might to protect us as we searched for the true path. It quickly became clear that we were trapped as every exit took us back to the same chamber.

Fortunately HIS munificence guided my eye to strange symbols that adorned the columns, and Eliminster with his wisdom recognised ancient symbols that spelled a riddle of power. I was then able to deduce a logical sequence that carried us on the safe route through the maze. How this chamber had appeared remains a mystery veiled to us even now, yet it was a hint of heretical chaos forces at work. It alerted us that dark forces lay ahead and seemed to substantiate the stories of something beyond rebels. Our torches and weapons at least resumed their function once clear, though some lighting remained functioning in the main mine living complex anyway.

Passing subsection five we became aware that the bodies now included those of our own troopers, missing or abandoned as troops were ignominiously forced back. Blood became our constant companion, coating surfaces, doors and windows. Bodies were now horribly disfigured, not the work of normal weaponry. This brought us to the shatters, and we redoubled our readiness. Sweeping the area we came upon a survivor of the massacre, babbling with tales of unspeakable abominations. We released him with the intention of picking him up for more detailed interrogation on our way back. However, we never saw him again and can only surmise that he was lost trying to cross the hall of endless columns, a fate that must have met many of our troopers.

Continuing our sweep we found an area of explosive gas which offered to death to any offering a spark or worse yet, a shot.* Also a strange pink light that lay beyond a rock fall. We then stumbled across four chaos spawned mutants and quickly despatched them, two of them falling at my own hands Emperor be praised. Next we were attacked by a mutant guardsman whose dog tags I enclose. He was a tough opponent and fell only after a great struggle during which both Hiklog and Quint gained more injuries. We found many more bodies, horribly dismembered in the creature’s lair.

Finally we investigated the light more closely, clearing the rubble revealing an apparent chunk of warpstone. Before we could react, a daemon was brought spontaneously into existence and shame of shames, I myself was one of those who broke and fled. My fellow priest was overcome too and it was left to Quint to fling the grenade that destroyed the dread rock and banished the daemon, cleansing the caverns of corruption. We left bloodied but unbowed our faith in HIM strengthened by our triumph, our desire to serve HIS great ends redoubled.

*And yes I am talking about Quint here

HIS Faithful Servant, Elacrion D. (Novice)
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Revolt on Secundus
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