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 Pushing Ahead

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Pushing Ahead   Tue 7 Jul - 13:40:12

It seems that the conditions on Sepherus Secondus have worsened and so I have no alternative but to send in my Acolytes earlier than planned. Their briefing will be short, and no doubt they will be ill prepared, but my faith and their zeal to the Emperor Himself will carry them through.

Perhaps the Tithe of Exatus Extremis is partly to blame, but it is not for the Inquisition to judge how the planetary leaders provide the Tithe, only to judge that they do. It is therefore imperritive that we protect this tithe from the so called Heretical Radicals that threaten to block this. I must now prepare my mission brief for the Acolytes, and their means of arrival.

Should they prove worthy of HIS Holy Test, then they shall be assigned to their primary mission in Iocanthos

but that is for the Emperor to Judge

I prey in HIS name that they are worthy

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Pushing Ahead
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