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 Disciples of the Dark Gods

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Disciples of the Dark Gods   Mon 6 Jul - 14:13:54

It is in "His" Holy name I recruit these unfortunates out of their obscure existence and into the Glory of HIS service. For these men, they will be the Avatars of HIS word, and spread HIS wisdom and purity throughout this sector. They may die in HIS service, but they will die a fulfilled existence, rather than the worthless and meaningless one they currently live. For in HIS name they will be immortal, and purge the unclean from this mortal life. There is no room for the Alien Heretic, and I now make moves for them to route out and destroy the Disciples of the Dark Gods. For it is these that pose the greatest threat to the Imperium of Man and HIS Most Holy Sanctity on Terra.

Severus of the House of Iron Spires, a converted Assassin. His lineage stolen as Lord of his Spire. He now seeks redemption in HIS Holy name. It is this man who I believe could become the focal point of my Acolytes. especially with his contacts Circle. The risk of course being he may seek out to avenge his lineage.

Eliminster Vaiden, a Cleric of HIS Holy order on Terra. It is this mans Zealous Faith to HIS Holiness that I place my faith in the Acolytes not deviating from the True path. But he will need protecting as Faith alone will not stop a bullet.

Njal Stormcaller will require the most observation. His Psychic abilities could be corrupted and made to serve the Dark Gods and all other Blasphemous Heretics. But I have faith in Vaiden that this will not be the case and that the Power of the Warp will serve the Emperor faithfully

Imbran Gaunt, I knew his father well, and a loyal subject he was to HIS Holy Inquisition. Imbran will and must never know of this, lest I risk losing his allegience to petty sentiment. I place my faith in Imbrans zeal and combat talents.

Ceglan Varl is another of HIS Most Holy subjects that I have taken from the Guard. He comes with HIS Blessed Ignorance but is deadly with both hand and ranged weapon. Paired up with Imbran these two will be the executers of HIS Holy Justice

Karl Nyland of the Arbitrators will be the swift arm of HIS Holy Law. His decision alone will be critical in administration of Justice where it is needed, and his fellow Acolytes will deliver it it both efficiently and swift. It is his Name the Heretics will fear

But first, they must be tested, for I cannot afford to have them found wanting. Indeed, it appears that HIS Holy Wisdom agrees, as just such a test has arrived. A Commissar has requested the aid of the inquisition, and so my Acolytes will be tested here, on Sepherus Secondus, within the known mining complex called the Shatters. Perhaps if they pass this test, they can become usefull servants of HIS Holy Crusade, The Inquisition of the Emperor.

In All that is HOLY, I pledge these souls at HIS Mercy, Emperor willing, they will not fail. Life without Faith is like a gun without ammo.
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Disciples of the Dark Gods
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