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 The Wire

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: The Wire   Fri 20 Feb - 14:23:10

Inquisitor Quintaas entered his chamber aboard the planetary satellite station Begotten Sons. The inertial stabilisers made it near impossible to tell that the station is in orbit above a planet in space, but all the same it was. QUintaas preferred his chamber to be dim lit and cool, an eerie and forboding room for guests, just the way it should be.

Placing his Inquisitional Cloak on the strategy table, he then sat at his spartan desk and popped his terminal on. A quick flick of the Holy "ON" Switch, that would activate the machine spirit within and soon after the terminal was fully active.

"Computer, I wish to view Acolytes selection file. Give me Stern Hope 22153/Gamma"

in moments the machine spirit replied.
"File Stern Hope 22153/Gamma - play back"

Quintaas viewed the file intently, the selection of new Acolytes always excited him

The camear elevation must have been at 30 degrees above the subjects and sound quality reasonable given the background noise. The bar of Stern Hope was near empty, this was apparantly after hours. Zooming into the subjects, Inquisitor Quintaas settled in to enjoy his latest candidates potential selection
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Lord Payne


Number of posts : 628
Registration date : 2007-05-01

PostSubject: Re: The Wire   Thu 26 Feb - 14:17:19

The two subjects spoke, they at least appeared to be friends or acquaintances. Audio pick-up was not good, but you had to expect that with regional security networks. Quintaas had been watching now for a good hour and so far nothing eventful had happened. His primary interest was in the medium build man. Dark short hair, scar down his left hand cheek, longitudal, clean shaven and wearing a dark coat that covered his torso and probably concealed any weapons he may have on him. The other subject was a stocky man, flack jacket worn as a fashion statement and heavily scarred all over. His hair was cropped short to amake allowances for his mostly bald head. Either way he looked mennacing and the larg Stub Pistol in his breast holster, and the hunting knife did nothing to shatter this image.
The Larger subject banged his fist down on the table hard - the conditions of the meet had now come full circle.
"I will not be railroaded into this agreement. Your Masters get more than their tithes worth from me. You tell your liege where he can shove it" he then took a decent swig from his flaggon.

The second primary subject remained calm and seemingly unpreturbed.
"There is no need to resort to agression, The Emperor demands and we obey, surely even you understand that, There is no use in shooting the messenger"
"Damm you, I kill you if it pleases me"

"Quinin, I have not come here to argue and negotiate with you"

Angered, Quinin grabbed the other man by the throat and lifted him into the air. "No, but you will die a , ahhh"

The Inquisitor heard a sound crack on his monitor but couldn't make out what it was on his poor transmission. Then he realised what it was

Quinin dropped his target idly, fell to the floor clutching his abdomen. A buning smell filled the air and soon smoke filled the room. Quinin never saw the Las pistol in his killers hand.

"No Quinin, I came here to kill you for you deviency. To say no to my master is to say no to the Emperor himself, The penalty for which is death"

The assassin left the room casualy, as he passed the stunned bar tender he flicked over a few thrones "Sorry for the damage"
Qunin was dead before he exited

The Inquisitor sat back and mused to himself, he will do
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The Wire
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