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 Mission Team Assembles

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PostSubject: Mission Team Assembles   Mon 15 Sep - 12:03:15

Log Entry Sierra Eight Sierra Five Nine
Threat Level: Bikini White Four

In his name and to his ever lasting glory, I write these pages, unworthy though I am of even speaking the name of the most holy.

The Calaxis sector. What forsaken back of beyond is this? Our Lord’s beneficence is surely limitless to extend man’s dominion over such a sector. But the scourge of mankind must be cleansed and it is our duty to displace every possible hiding place for alien scum. My inquisitor has called on me to deal with an uprising on the mining colony on Sopharis Secondus. Travelling aboard the Equilibrium (point eight beyond light speed my arse), we should arrive there any day. The area is under quarantine until our investigations are completed. I am directed that I am to spare my fellow travellers unless at least moderate suspicion of disloyalty arises, and I must hold my trusty garrotte in abeyance accordingly. Who knows? Perhaps one or two will even prove worthy; I am just struggling to stretch my mind to embrace such a possibility given the evidence of my senses.

One is called Njal Stormcaller. He carries himself as one who finds and keeps secrets. His eyes seem to pass through you and his very presence seems to set nerves on edge. Surely a challenge to any inquisitor. Guardsman Imbran Gaunt: a sallow youth. Well armed but how can one so young warrant respect? A guardsman of quality after a few years tempering, but given his years one must expect naivety, ill discipline and lack of application. He fingers his dog tags continually as if they direct his thoughts. Sam Vimes and Karl Nayland: a motley pair and as suspicious a couple as you could meet on a frosty morning. They’ll all need watching, and others that are around here somewhere too. I vow on his most holy name that they can expect swift justice from me should they fail or betray the cause.

The Gorgonid mine, scene of the recent uprising is our destination, quite a change from our final preparations on Fedorid. Inquisitor Vaarak, presumably based on Scintilla has promised additional briefing sessions, and his final warning showed his true quality:

‘Beware Novice Elacrion, for there is nothing so sure as heresy; so swift as betrayal; or as certain as treachery. It is ordained that the journey is a trial; the mission an offering to the Emperor. Any success you meet is his most holy achievement and glories he who gives your very existence meaning and purpose, but any failure is yours alone. Do not fail, and do not tolerate failure in others, even as I do not.’

Passing the Agri world of Iocampus we need to prepare for anything. This old transport is a test in itself, but at least our arrival on such a vessel will be discrete. We will need to establish the cause of the evil and eliminate it. No doubt there will be dangers to be faced, but the righteous are never daunted, and the heretic’s heart is faint. Praise be to his holiness for the chance to strike a blow for justice and true belief.
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Mission Team Assembles
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