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 Character backgrounds

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Thori Gundrikson

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PostSubject: Character backgrounds   Mon 28 Jul - 17:58:59

Imbram Gaunt:
Imperial citizen of the planet Terra (Earth)
Mother died at child birth and was brought up by father when he was around; father was a servant of the emperor, an imperial guardsmen, he was the commander of the 39th cadian regiment but when Gaunt was only 10 his father fought against the tyranid fleet kraken when it attacked the galaxy, it was in the victory over the alien foe on Ichar IV where his father died. His father was named as a war hero as it was due to his sacrifice that they were able to gain the upper hand in the war and turn the battle from stalemate to victory, as such he was given the medallion crimson, the finest award any guardsman can hope to achieve. However this award did not bring back Gaunts father. So, at the age of 10 Gaunt had no mother and no father, he was left to fend for himself for a short period of time before being brought up by the guidance of the emperorís servants. He was taught to fight for his emperor just as his father did, and as a reminder of who he should be inspired by Gaunt carries his fathers dog tags on him at all times. Gaunts time spend fending for himself gave him great survival instincts, while his training from the servants of the emperor have given him great skill with a las-gun. He has an uncompromised code of honour, and a great defiance of corruption and heresy in all its forms has led him to meet his inquisitor.
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Character backgrounds
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