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 The Home of the Great Enchanter

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PostSubject: The Home of the Great Enchanter   Tue 11 Mar - 14:09:35

It rained heavey in the town of Grunere. The persistent down pour helped to wash away the smell of the open sewerage sytem, badly maintained by the town council. Splashes of murky water pitter pattered from damaged gutterings of the local taverns, or just ran straight off the roof tilings on to the cobble stones below. Voices were barely audiable above the sound of the rain water hitting the surface or the high pitched clicking of hooves and cartwheel as they carried their masters to and from their arrangements. Soaked and wet through, Sir Mordakai and Hans Peter, trudged through the muddy streets, with their fellow companions towards the dimly lit guest house ahead. Each of them privately thought of curses that, if voiced, would have been generally received well by all within earshot. The mountains have a reputation for sudden and unhospitible weather changes. The Frugelhoffen Valley had reminded them of that, and now they were being drenched in the releif rain of the Grey Mountains, only days away from leaving the Valley.

Sir Mordakai lead the way. Today he was in one of his more unusual bad moods. Hans had told the others of his personality changes, this was his least know guise, Merachi, and woe betide anyone who crosses him. The rest of the party decided to pin it on the bad weather and this was just a good excuse to scare monger. Still, to further annoy them, Hans was still bone dry, the rain not wishing to touch him. They had grown to both hate and distrust him for these little stunts.

Merachi knocked on the door and was not kept waiting long before the door opened. They were greeted by a hunched old man, his skin more weahtered than an old tobaccoe pouch, with boils adorning his head. He had long since lost his hair, but he still had a meniacle gleam in his eyes and a voice that told of a good education and a strong Bretonian up-bringing.
"Come in, come in. I have been expecting you"
Honest Jed was quick to pull his dagger to the cripples throat
"No no, you misgive my words. I had word that you would be coming this way, and would seek me out" His words said out fast with panic in his tones.
Jed released his knife, but still eyed him with caution
The guests all now in the house, were greeted by a oak table, large enough for them all to dine at, and the smell of hot food being prepared. The room itself was dimly lit, smelt of hops and roast meat. Adorning the walls were various miscellanea, from hot water bottles, pipes, horse shoes and such like. Given the conditions of the last few weeks, this was a very homely place indeed. The old man collected the hot water from the fire, a towel in one hand to make sure he did not burn himself. He then poured it into each of their goblets, all filled with a herb of some sort
"The Cathayans call this Sake, we just call it tea, easier to say" He then indicated for each to sit. Then looking at Merachi, "She has answered his call, hasn't she?"

Taken back by this knowledge Merachi looked him direct and concise "How know you of this?"
Jed and Marianette were somewhat confused and in chorus asked "Who?"

The owner continued "Not all of us that have witch sight fear its use or exposure. If you come to seek your friend then do yourself and her a favour. Find her and kill her"
Merachi leapt up, Redeemer drawn, "I'll empty your worthless hide accross this town before I do such things"
The old man held fast without fear this time.
"You and Hans are the last of the old legacy, do you wish it to end in vein? Lil is beyond saving my friends. She has received the dark kiss, she has embraced the Great Enchanter with open heart and there is nothing she or you can do about it."

Merachi dropped to his knees, silence now the sound, even the flickering of the flames seemed empty. His face wrought with despair, Hans placing a warm hand on his shoulder, a warmth that Merachi would not feel, along with many other sensations lost long ago in Kislev. This (Un)life had changed him, it changed them all, but now only he and Hans remained. Once gone, who would remember their legacy, who would tell their tales over a warm campfire? All Merachi had left was his own Self Hate, in his own way he was a leper, an outcast, unclean, certainly he would be treated like one. These people had no tolerance of the undead or any other unfortunate in this world.
Hans spoke up, a more confident tone in his voice, what was it that differed in Hans, what had they done to him in Ubersriek that could change him so much?
"Where can we find her, tell me know and I will spare you from the cleansing flames of wrath?"
The man turned his back to them "So much anger is there in you. She spoke with him, didn't she? You all saw it happen, but none of you bothered to care for her, none of you tried to help. just let her be, ignored her plight, despite its obviousness, even then, the Great Enchanter was calling for her and you did nothing"
He paused momentarily to allow his words to sink in
"Now its too late. You will find her in his castle, but few have dared venture there, and those that have, never return. She is quite safe, but if you honour anything of her life then you will go to her and you will kill her; if you value what she once was"

"Where damm it, stop answering me in riddles, lest you become one yourself"

"Where else, in his home, Castle Drakenfels"

The words drove home like a lance through heavy armour, Hans jaw dropped, never in his worst nightmares did he dare think of such an abomination. But yet the old man spoke his name as if it had no meaning
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The Home of the Great Enchanter
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