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 Bob's Guid to starting your own bloodbowl team

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Thori Gundrikson

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PostSubject: Bob's Guid to starting your own bloodbowl team   Wed 8 Aug - 20:43:08

Well the first thing you have to do is choose a team,

Here are the teams,

Amazon Team
Chaos Team
Chaos Dwarf Team
Dark Elf Team
Dwarf Team
Elf Team
Goblin Team
Halfling Team
High Elf Team
Human Team
Khemri Team
Lizardmen Team
Necromantic Team
Norse Team
Nurgle Team
Orc Team
Skaven Team
Undead Team
Vampire Team
Wood Elf Team

Ok well Lets say youve chosen your team, you know need to create a roster,
go to and Download a team roster,

Naming your team,
Names can be whatever you want but its best for them to suit their race,
Like for Undead you could choose " The Immortal Skeletons "
Anyway you should do some reasearch and spend time on your team name, it is a major part of your team.

You Have 1,000,000 to start your team with and i would advise gettin 2-3 re rolls and 5-9 fan factor, honestly it will help you alot, then choose your men you need 11, first get at least 2 good blockers / blitzers these are your best players, and 1-2 good ball handlers, then remember to go for linemen you will need at least 5 preferably 6 so you have a reserve. Then if its possible go for 1-2 hard hitters, these would be the strong players not always reliable but a good deterent to yout opponents by them being on the field so big guys realy.

Thanks for Taking the time to read this, i hope it helped.
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Bob's Guid to starting your own bloodbowl team
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