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 Age of Sigmar

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Age of Sigmar   Sat 11 Jul - 17:50:30

Ok a new version of Warhammer came as no surprise. Nor did a new beginning, End times gave enough hints there.

But WOW - 4 pages of rules, all of the armies now free downloadable - that I did not see coming. Not that I am opposed to this move by GW, far from it. I do, however, love a new book in my hands. Fortunately this fate has not befallen 40K, so I will worry later. I don't expect this to happen to 40k either as the publishing materials sell like hot cakes.

The rational behind this decision of GW is so that you have more money to buy the models - so between the lines Warhammer Battle has not been selling much in the way of miniatures - certainly not in the scale of 40k. The rules did need simplifying as the game was very rigid, not friendly for the every day gamer, as opposed to the fluid style of 40k.

I shall have a good read through Age of Sigmar - and why not - it;'s free Smile

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Age of Sigmar
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