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 Issue 13 - They have a cave troll

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 13 - They have a cave troll   Tue 9 Jun - 11:01:14

Ok not a cave troll, but a Revenent Titan instead. So it's been a few weeks since my last rant, so whats new.

Shockingly a lot. A new Imperial Knights Codex after only just a year since the previous, 2 years since COdex Space Marines and a new one on the shelves.

Are we surprised? Well, no. Version 7 40K introduced a major new game system, tactical objectives. So expect to see all of the version 6 codexes replaced. However, with a new version of Warhammer on its way, I would not expect the rules to change anytime soon - plus they work.

Adeptus Maechanicus Codexes look good, and I have seen some armies on the table top already - and they are good. Snap firing for these armies is almost as good as regular firing. And dont get me started on Rad kills. You take damage just by being near these models...ouch.

I have used my Revenent Titan for the first time ... A GW Southend Apocalypse game to celebrate Brads leaving as manager. In one shot it took out the Eldar Wraith Knight monstrous creature. (Thats one shot from the Primary Weapon 2) The other shot killed off some infantry and then the second Pulsar wittled down a Baneblade to near 0 hull points. Its holofield protected it from a massive hail of fire that would have reduced most models to molten sludge.

A great first outing for the Titan.
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Issue 13 - They have a cave troll
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