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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Prologue   Sun 19 Apr - 12:18:37

The Death Jester took in the surrounding view of the Theatre in the Halls of Paijn. Indeed it was a pleasure to be in such vaulted company. A large audience had gathered for the show to come - the denizens of the Dark City always eager for the spectacle of a Harlequin Masque production. The curtain was drawn and followed quickly by a spectacular pyrotechnic display, the cacophony a symphony on it's own. The audience pleasure was clear with their roar of excitement. The slave girl of the Mon-Keigh race already stripped for her fate to come.

Once the noise died down the girl started to scream as her mind was ravaged by the torment bestowed upon her by the Shadowseer - unseen to all. Finally her screams died down and the Death Jester ended her life with a squeeze of his hands around her throat. The audience were like children vying for the last sweet in the bag, eager for the pleasure it would give them in rejuvenate energy - an elixir for their slowly decaying souls to She Who Thirsts.

Acutely aware that Lord Paijn was amongst the audience, viewing from his own private vantage point - the Death Jester began.

"Lord Paijn, Dracons, Sybarites, Succubi and Kabalites - oh and meagre peasants of the Dark City. I proudly present the Masque of Mandragorae. Today you will pay witness to the telling of a story on a distant planet, once named Finubar, but now unimaginatively called Batalis III by the Mon-Keigh. It is a story of an Icy planet,time travel, a Phoenix Prince called Irillyth and of our cousins from a Craftworld with their Corsair allies".

Lord Paijn leaned in with interest, having already determined the next line....

"My Lords, we present a tragic tale - the Doom of Mymeara"
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