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 Dark Eldar Gluttons

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar Gluttons   Mon 13 Apr - 12:10:06

Dark Eldar Gluttons*

*For punishment

The recent attack appears not to be an isolated occurrence: Major webway activity was detected and scouting the south western approaches to the Hatamorian escarpment the 4022nd Decurion of the 91st Division encountered a Dark Eldar attack force of two raiders, a ravager, Venom and Razorwing, plus a flight of scourge and squad of Reavers.

Overlord Jalek of Slord led ten immortals; thirty three warriors; six tomb blades; five wraiths; a tomb spyder and five scarab swarms against the intruders. The warriors were securing the flanks with sixteen in a squad on the right holding an objective targeted by the enemy, the other seventeen on the left.

Jalek was in the centre close to another objective, with the wraiths to his left and the tomb blades to his right. Completing the Decurion in addition to the reclamation legion, the wraiths were backed up by the scarabs and spyder in a Canoptek harvest formation. The Dark Eldar were attracted to the two bastions in the centre of the battleground, between which lay a skypad, its ancient shields broken away.

The pad and the left hand bastion were objectives and the final two objectives lay to the west in the Dark Eldar deployment zone. Our early objectives were the survival of Jalek, the destruction of enemy units in assault and the issuing of a challenge by our overlord. Jalek’s force amounted to 1249, the Dark Eldars’ the same.

We advanced our tomb blades and wraiths onto the pad and engaged the closest enemy raider damaging it slightly. The scourge and a second raider also arrived on the pad and engaged and we lost a couple of bikes and immortals. The spyder successfully resisted some shots from the Ravager on the left.

Our scarabs, now swollen in number to seven by the tomb spyder assaulted the scourge who lost 60% of their number causing them to break and flee. The wraiths lost one of their number to overwatch as they assaulted the raider blowing it up, causing another to be wounded but killing three passengers. The assault victories scored us a victory point plus first blood, our new targets were gun emplacements, which we would later discard, and the south western objective, the most distant, held by the reavers.

The Ravager now occupied the southern bastion and its objective, whilst the Archon and her court disembarked the venom and occupied the northern bastion, engaging our two surviving tomb blades that had dropped north after being the main target of the enemy in the initial stages.

The Reavers now moved up and took out some scarabs whilst the ravager wounded the tomb spyder. A Razorwing that appeared from the south west also attacked without success. The Reavers now assaulted and destroyed our scarabs on the pad. The enemy having identified all objectives in the field now scored a victory point for two – one after two turns.

Our wraiths now destroyed the kabalite warrior survivors on the pad and the second raider, already damaged was wrecked by our immortals firing from below the skypad. Our right hand warriors wrecked the empty venom now with their massed gauss fire, but those on the left failed to damage the well shielded ravager atop the south bastion. Our tomb blades, back on the skypad also missed with their snapshots.

The scourge meanwhile had rallied and returned to the pad and their fire destroyed our wounded spyder that had also gained the pad and spectacularly missed its particle beamer attack on the ravager, hitting itself. Our last tomb blades fell to Reaver fire and the archon and her unit attacked our immortals and warlord, the Archon challenging Jalek.

Our overwatch scored four hits but with no effect, the archon failed to injure our warlord but took two wounds herself and we won the combat overall though the enemy morale held. This despite our unit being affected in the initial combat round by fear. Dark Eldar successes this turn scored them two points bringing the score to two – three.

Now the scourge were destroyed by fire from our southern warriors despite the fact that only half the warriors could bring weapons to bear. The wraiths, now only two strong attacked the Reavers, breaking their morale and eliminating them in a sweeping advance. This allowed our wraiths to occupy the central objective, which together with the north eastern objective meant we held two to the enemy one, as the other three were all vacant.

Our northern warriors damaged the Razorwing as it overflew them but they failed to bring down the flier that had inflicted some losses on them scoring a creditable two glances though. Our warlord now slew the enemy warlord for a point in a combat that was tied as we lost a pair of immortals . (The enemy also lost their Sslyth.) Our superior objective score this turn scored us three victory points bringing the score to six- three.

The kabalite warriors now took the skypad objective despite out wraiths presence using their objective secured skills. The three remaining court members now fell in combat with our overlord and immortals. The action broke off: The enemy had the Kabal warriors in the centre, the ravager on top of the southern bastion and the Razorwing retreating north westwards. They had suffered the loss of eight of eleven units, an estimated 70%.

We had lost three units plus three wraiths, around 9% of the warriors and 70% of the immortals. A loss rate of just under 50% of the force deployed including the additional points from the birthed scarabs. Rallied strength was 649. With a victory point for Jalek’s survival and neither side achieving linebreaker, the final score: seven –four.

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Dark Eldar Gluttons
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