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 Sneak Attack Opens Mymeara Campaign

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PostSubject: Sneak Attack Opens Mymeara Campaign   Mon 13 Apr - 12:09:09

Sneak Attack!

On Mymeara our outpost Beta 7933 in sector Theta 6 was subject to a surprise attack by the Dark Eldar, who struck with such rapidity that the interceptor systems on the antiquated Imperial quad guns we had appropriated failed to engage. Oh for some decent sentry pylons.

Overlord N’Khassis and six immortals were in the trench system immediately east of the bastion. Six more were to the south in the main trench, with ten warriors further west on the southern line. Further east, ten more warriors occupied the forward line. Between the eastern double defence line, four wraiths, a tomb spyder and three scarabs.

To the north, seven tomb blades with shield vanes and nebuloscopes, one with a particle beamer, the rest with gauss blasters similar to those arming the immortals. The quad guns located south and east were manned by our troops at this early stage; the heavy bolters on the bastion were fully automated. In all N’Khasis’ Decurion amounted to 1000 in strength.

The Dark Eldar that appeared close to the south east comprised two raiders with kabalite warrior squads aboard; there was also a squad of reaver jet bikes and a venom with an archon and her court well to the rear. To the east, a unit of scourge appeared. Whilst the Necron force was fully deployed, outpost sensors showed a unit of wychs with a succubus in reserve together with more scourge. Total enemy strength estimated at 1500.

The scourge to the east respecting our firepower stayed back as did the venom, the raiders advanced against our southern flank concentrating fire on our warriors who took several casualties, the reavers meanwhile took the bastion. Our troops firing on the raider together with the quad gun damaged it severely and the spyder finished it off, wrecking it as our units generally fell back within the defended compound.

The tomb blades now wiped out their counterparts, their nebuloscopes ignoring cover. Our wraiths assaulted the second raider which had also breached the southern defences and destroyed it. This raider exploded, taking out six of its passengers and one of our nearby warriors. The venom meanwhile jinked three quad gun hits, but the attackers had already lost three units and suffered heavy loss to a fourth.

A webway portal now appeared behind our bastion and a screaming* horde of wychs appeared with a succubus. The venom closed in and the scourge headed for our eastern ramparts. Two fell to interceptor fire from the closest quad battery. The venom now wounded the tomb spyder and warrior fire reduced our southern warriors to just one. An immortal and tomb blade also fell.

* It later transpired they were screaming ‘ Why has the portal not appeared in the safety of the bastion?’

The scourge failed to injure any of the eastern warriors and were wiped out by a devastating volley in return, meanwhile our spyder took a wound birthing a second additional scarab and they assaulted the venom though they failed to damage it. The wychs and succubus were now wiped out by massed fire from our Overlord and his immortals, plus the tomb blades.

The main kabalite warrior group, reduced to half its original number broke and fled south. The wraiths destroyed the last survivors of the raider they had destroyed earlier. Another unit of scourge now appeared to the North East and the fleeing warriors quickly rallied, the archon disembarked the venom and moved to attack the spyder, whilst her court headed for the scarabs.

The newly arrived scourge failed to injure any warriors like its predecessor, whilst the archon attacked the spyder but was hampered after failing a fear test. The venom and court depleted the scarab unit and the court then assaulted causing some losses.

The tomb blades broke back towards the scourge, one being destroyed by dangerous terrain that reduced them to five. The warriors unsuccessfully engaged the scourge, but the tomb blades wiped them out in a single volley despite the particle beamer missing. The quad battery now finished off the venom and our southern troop units reduced the warriors to just two.

Our lone warrior and immortals failed to finish off the kabal warriors in assault but nor could the enemy court finish off our scarabs though they reduced them to just one. The wraiths joined the spyder in attacking the archon however and easily destroyed her, especially as she failed her fear test again.

With the two warriors locked in combat with one warrior and five immortals and the four creatures of the archon’s court locked in combat with a scarab swarm, the action broke off after only three turns. By the territorial scoring criteria for the engagement the score was 8-1 to us. Had secondary objectives applied we would have picked up slay the warlord and first blood too.

We had suffered losses of 275 of a total deployment of 1040 including the two extra scarabs, a loss rate of about 26%. Two of our wraiths and the tomb spyder were wounded; we had lost two of twelve immortals and nine of twenty warriors, plus two of seven tomb blades. The overlord and one unit of warriors were undamaged, as was the bastion and the pair of quad guns. No units had been lost.

The enemy had lost nine complete units, had two of twenty warriors left plus the court of the archon: a lhamaean, Ur-Ghul, Medusae and Sslyth. Total estimated losses: 93%. Had the action continued it seems likely that we would have lost the scarabs but probably would have destroyed the remaining two units. The strength of the Decurion triumphed again!

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Sneak Attack Opens Mymeara Campaign
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