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 Issue 12 - Daemonic incursions

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 12 - Daemonic incursions   Tue 24 Mar - 10:28:30

So the first of the rumours I received has happened - Chaos Daemons have arrived, with a new additional codex and psychic cards for good measure. The New models released for end times should easily double up for the new 40K codex too. As for up coming - well here is what I have heard...make of it what you will

New Chaos Campaign
Update to Codex Dark Angels
More supplemental codexes
Asdrubel Vect
Additional Campaign packs

In short - a year of 40K supplements

Are you having trouble with storing large models? Well on pre-order this week are 3 new style cases - one of them ripe for those large models. Also the foam is designed to squash in around the model to hug it in place without crushing them.
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Issue 12 - Daemonic incursions
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