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 Dark Eldar Entanglement

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar Entanglement   Mon 16 Mar - 16:51:00

Dark Eldar Entanglement

Cryptek Devornac led a battalion of the 876th Division against Dark Eldar attackers on Corba 49. He led ten immortals with Gauss blasters on the left supported by a shard of the CíTan known as the Deathbringer. To his right, ten warriors then five destroyers, and on the right, nine immortals with another cryptek.

In the centre six tomb blades, two with particle beamers the rest with gauss blasters, behind them, four wraiths. Force strength was 1369, but in reserve the Night Scythe NNV Life Quencher brought this to 1499.

Already holding two objectives, the wraiths took another in the centre and the right hand immortals a fourth, however only this last was of value and it sabotaged. The enemy brought up a pair of raiders against our right whilst two payne engines lurked in the enemy centre. On our left half a dozen jet bikes threatened and they attacked our wraiths assaulting them relatively ineffectively losing half their number.

A squad of wracks led by one of three homunculi disembarked and concentrating on our tomb blades which had turbo boosted across to our right wiped them out, three to fire from the raiders and one to the assault of the wracks, the remaining two when their morale broke. Only one wrack fell in all this to overwatch. This scored the enemy two points including first blood, to our one.

The wracks were left exposed to the approaching immortals and destroyers which opened fire, wiping them out leaving just the homunculi. Overhead, the NNV Life Quencher arrived and engaged the far raider, immobilising it. The homunculi re embarked on the other raider which now fell back into cover.

The CíTan fired its destroyer weapon at the Talos Engine but it had a lucky escape. The wraiths now destroyed the bikes. The enemy warlord left the raider heading east whilst the Cronos engine assaulted the destroyers. The Life Quencher took a hit but it did little and the living metal self repaired. Neither side scored in this turn. The CíTan now engaged the Talos Payne engine, but missed, hitting and further damaging the Raider.

The Life Quencher now killed the enemy warlord as it flew over him, our right hand immortals fired on and damaged the right hand raider knocking out its weapons systems. The wraiths assaulted and badly damaged the Talos engine but the destroyers now broke without even suffering a casualty and were destroyed by the cronos engine.

Wych reserves now arrived close to the central objective, a designated target for the enemy, their webway portal making it an easy job to seize it. The still mobile raider overflew our right ending up behind our immortals. The cronos now assaulted our immortals but they held magnificently.

Our wraiths destroyed the Talos engine and headed for the immobilised raider, with the warlord slain the score moved to 2-3. The wraiths assaulted and wrecked the damaged raider forcing out the grotesques and Rakarth. The Life Quencher left the field at this point, the CíTan assaulted the Wychs, but not before our warriors and left hand immortals had poured fire into them. The CíTan ended badly wounded.

Our CíTan exploded under the assault of the wychs now, killing half of them, Rakarth and his grotesques now eliminated our wraiths in assault whilst our right hand immortals continued to fight hard despite the fact that the other homunculi joined the assault against them.

No score this turn and so it remained 2-3. Our objectives had not been kind, we had only one territorial objective so far and now drew only our second and it was the one we were nowhere near.

Our warriors now finished off the wychs, leaving just the wounded succubus that led them. Our immortals rather than fire held off as we needed to issue a challenge for a victory point, however, they failed their assault and the succubus scored a point for assaulting them and challenging our warlord.

Devornac declined the challenge and the succubus fell in her assault. Our other immortals despite losing a couple at last held again against the cronos and the returning Life Quencher failed to dislodge the grotesques from the scoring objective they now held. Our warlordís survival gained us a victory point, but having lost this and the first turn 1-2 the final score was 3-5 with neither side getting linebreaker.

The enemy had lost a raider with another crippled, their warlord, wychs, succubus, wracks, reavers and Talos engine. They had a homunculi, Rakarth, the cronos engine and grotesques remaining. Estimated losses: 50 Ė 55%.

We had lost three immortals, and four complete units; the destroyers, wraiths, tomb blades and CíTan. Our rallied force was 712 strong, a loss rate of 52%.


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Dark Eldar Entanglement
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