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 Issue 11 - End Times

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Lord Payne


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PostSubject: Issue 11 - End Times   Wed 11 Mar - 16:18:31

So GW are continuing with the End Times releases this month and no doubt 40K players will be interested in the Greater Daemon to add to their collection too. It does make me wonder if there is any weight in the rumours around about certain Warhammer Armies being removed or combined for future releases. I for one would be sad to see this happen as this was the game that bought me to the hobby. I am sure that many Warhammer players would be sad to see this too.

However, GW have invested a lot of money in protecting their IP - and too right too, so I can't blame them for taking measures to insure they keep hold of their property. After all, you need to ask - Do you want good quality models for your games? Like it or not, GW are a business, and they require profit to continue functioning. I have seen other company's products and they are inferior in design and quality.

I am busy reading the Badab War Imperial Armour volumes and also Codex Harlequins and am already planning my next games adventures using the books. Trouble is my imagination of the event is usually better than the event it self Sad

Until next time

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Issue 11 - End Times
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