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 Abysmal Apocalypse

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PostSubject: Abysmal Apocalypse   Tue 24 Feb - 14:08:40

Abysmal Apocalypse

A very poor apocalyptic clash took place on Eden Fall as Trazyn the Infinite suffered a complete collapse of his command and control systems. In an inexcusable display the 50th armyís 19th division in full array was defeated by Dark Eldar and Chaos forces despite deploying a force of 17,711.

Deploying at night in three groups Trazyn failed to secure his objectives or take the enemyís, holding five out of a possible 18 during the encounter and his units could only destroy two enemy super heavies for a loss of three out of four of his own. Final score was 8-19 to the enemy. Seven of the enemy scoring points were the Dark Eldarís, eleven went to the hordes of chaos.

Like us, Chaos deployed in three groups, but the Dark Eldar used webways to deploy entirely from reserve. Trazyn, with criminal incompetence failed to deploy his disruptor beacon to counter deep strikes and paid for his hopelessness as daemonic hordes deep struck with precision and were able to swamp our units, although in farcical scenes both sides appeared to believe that they were members of the Sealed Knot, virtually no assaults taking place despite countless units being locked in combat.

A unit by unit analysis of this disgraceful travesty follows:

Southern Group

Lord Trazyn
Tachyon Arrow, War Scythe, Orb of Eternity
10 Lychguard

Failed to do anything. Protected by a shield generator for part of the engagement then attacked by daemons. No casualties. Pathetic.

Tesseract Vault
NNV Lethal Action
Seismic Assault, Transdimensional Maelstrom

Engaged the enemy southern Baneblade and did cause some damage, however, failed to fire all its weapons and then destroyed, the explosion causing losses to both sides.

Sentry Pylon
Sepulchral Scarabs

Engaged southern Baneblade and unsuccessfully intercepted a couple of times, notably the daemon herald that effectively neutralised a major element of the southern group.

The Deceiver

Engaged enemy southern group and ended up locked in combat with enemy titan. Did manage a solid hit on the Baneblade wit a destroyer weapon.

Annihilation Barge
NNV Counter Punch

Did little except jink a lot. Pathetic.

Ghost Ark
NNV Onslaught
10 Warriors

Did little if anything. Pathetic.

Orikan the Diviner
20 Warriors

Did little if anything. Got locked in combat with demons.

Illuminor Szeras
10 Immortals

Attacked the enemy south western group positively though failed to use their upgrades. Actually destroyed the Baneblade making them a unit that actually did some good.

4 Wraiths
Particle Casters

Got locked in combat. Did nothing.

9 Pariahs

Suffered heavily from enemy fire for some reason after losing half of their number when the Lethal Action exploded. Eventually wiped out.

Western Group

Chronometron, Phase shifter
10 Immortals

At least got involved, engaging several enemy units including the super heavy walker. Assaulted towards the end and lost about half their number.

Transcendent CíTan
Wave of Withering, Antimatter Meteor, Transliminal Stride

Attacked the enemy super heavy walker after destroying a giant chaos spawn. Destroyed by some sort of cheating psychic vortex. Returned and attacked again, destroying the walker this time.

5 Wraiths
Whip Coils

Assaulted and destroyed enemy vindicator in the southern group, then locked in pointless combat with an enemy walker.

Tomb Sentinel
Gloom Prism Sepulchral Scarabs

Destroyed by cheating psychic vortex.

Nemesor Zahndrekh
Vargard Obyron
Chronometron, Phase Shifter
10 Lychguard

Did little except take fire to the North of the western group. Failed to assault. Pathetic.

Doomsday Ark
NNV Thunderous Barrage

Engaged northern chaos forces with its gauss flayers but failed to fire its cannon. Our first ground vehicle destroyed. Pathetic.

Annihilation Barge
NNV Killer Blow

Did little. Destroyed late on.

Ghost Ark
NNV Inspiration
10 Warriors

Landed its troops to take western objective then destroyed. The warriors were put under concerted attack and destroyed after the building containing the objective was reduced to rubble. At least they tried.

Imotekh the Stormlord
Chronometron, Phase Shifter
20 Warriors

Did nothing, pathetic.

Tachyon Arrow, Phase Shifter
Chronometron, Phase Shifter
Lord x3
Warscythe, Gauntlet of Fire, Phase shifter
Tachyon Arrow, Phase Shifter
Tachyon Arrow, Resurrection Orb

Did fire their tachyon arrows with no effect, suffered from heavy fire, was reduced to two lords.

Tesseract Ark
NNV Breakthrough

Destroyed early. Its fire did nothing.

Sentry Pylon
Sepulchral scarabs

Did little and destroyed.

Eastern Group

Chronometron, Phase Shifter
20 Warriors

Held the south eastern objective until the end when assaulted by daemons. Suffered 15% casualties.

6 Tomb Blades
Shield Vanes Shadow Looms 3 Gauss blasters 3 Tesla Carbines
3 Tomb Blades
Shield Vanes Particle Casters Nebuloscopes

Heavily engaged to the north and suffered two thirds losses from chaos forces.

NNV Majestic Fury

Destroyed early, contributed to the destruction of giant chaos spawn to the north.

The Nightbringer

Inflicted some losses on plague marines but then stalled and failed to contribute.

Annihilation Barge
NNV Vigilant

Did engage daemonic forces but failed to inflict significant losses.

Triarch Stalker x3
Heat Ray
Particle Shredder
Heavy Gauss Cannon

Engaged the northern forces but did little and were picked off, not used effectively given their formation.

Phase Shifter, Warscythe, Gauntlet of Fire
Void Blade Tachyon Arrow Resurrection Orb
10 Triarch Praetorians
Particle Casters Void Blades

Did nothing, pathetic.

Chronometron, Phase Shifter
5 Triarch Praetorians
Rods of Covenant

Did little, ended locked in assault.

Tomb Stalker
Sepulchral Scarabs, Gloom Prism

Destroyed early.

Annihilation Barge
NNV Nova


In addition the following unit infiltrated to take the central south objective which it held until the end when assaulted and contested. Took 15% losses.

Tachyon Arrow, Resurrection Orb
20 Flayed Ones


1st Wave

Night Shroud
NNV Thunderclap

Did little: Bomb failed to damage enemy defiler to the North West and her shooting was ineffective when engaging enemy fliers. Damaged by heldrake.

Doom Scythes x3
NNV Jaws of Terror
NNV Knife Edge
NNV Undefeated

The Undefeated was shot down by interceptor fire, attacks on southern and central enemy units largely ineffective and poor, the Jaws of Terror was damaged losing a weapon system.

2nd Wave

Night Shroud
NNV Chaos Wreaker

Following the Thunderclap, failed to wreak chaos.

3 Destroyers
Heavy Destroyer

3 Destroyers
Heavy Destroyer

3 Heavy Destroyers

5 Destroyers
Destroyer Lord
Phase shifter War Scythe

Deployed in formation to the south west attacking various units of both sides but not used effectively and disappointingly poor. All five destroyers with the lord were destroyed and the lord was badly wounded. The unit of heavy destroyers was also destroyed.

3 Heavy Destroyers

Deep struck to the south east but failed to make significant impact. Destroyed.

Heat Pylon
Sepulchral Scarabs Teleportation Matrix

Deep struck centrally to the north. Destroyed a landraider.

Death Pylon
Sepulchral Scarabs Teleportation Matrix

Deep struck to the north and attacked northern Baneblade Vindicator and others. Destroyed one enemy unit.

Chronometron, Phase Shifter, Veil of Darkness
10 Deathmarks

Deep struck to west and eliminated unit of scourge. Ended up locked in futile combat.

10 Deathmarks

Deep struck to south and ended locked in futile combat.

10 Deathmarks

Deep struck to south and ended locked in futile combat.

5 Deathmarks

Deep struck to North, did nothing. Pathetic. 20% losses.

3 Tomb Spyders
Particle Beamers Gloom Prisms, Fabricator Claws
3 Scarabs x3

Deep struck to west of centre damaging and destroying several defence installations, did nothing except lose two spiders and ten scarabs leaving two scarabs and an injured spyder.

Monolith x3
NNV Deathbringer
NNV Uncompromising
NNV Splendid

Deep struck around the centre and failed to even open fire. All destroyed. Pathetic.

9 Aconthrites

Deep struck centre north and destroyed a tank, then took two thirds losses.

3rd wave

Night Scythes
NNV Stubborn Defence
Chronometron, Phase Shifter
14 warriors

Landed its troops north west where little happened.

NNV Robust
Anrakyr The Traveller
Chronometron, Phase Shifter
10 Immortals

Landed its troops to the north east where they did little.

NNV Deft Manoeuvre
Chronometron, Phase Shifter
14 Warriors

Landed its troops somewhere where they did little.

NNV Insightful
10 Immortals

Landed its troops north east but shot down by interceptor fire.

So in conclusion, overblown, disorganised and disgraceful. Of other stratagems one turned out to be useless and one was not used. The damage report of the 93 units deployed follows:

Deployed Damaged Destroyed
Southern group 15 0 2
Western Group 24 3 11
Eastern Group 14 2 4
Infiltrators 2 1 0
First wave 4 2 1
Second Wave 22 5 8
Third Wave 12 0 1

Total 93 13 27

Total losses were 7048 or 40%, enemy losses included a Baneblade, Imperial super heavy walker and at least four armoured vehicles including a landraider, flak tank and vindicator and two chaos spawn.

A few daemonic units suffered some losses including spawn and plague marines, a unit of scourge was destroyed and one or two vehicles including a raider and ravager suffered minor damage. 2000 points would probably be a generous estimate; the enemy seemed to be able to operate at twice our speed apart from anything else, we were lucky to contest a few objectives to prevent their winning score being even higher.


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Abysmal Apocalypse
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